PSPCISD replacing books with IPads

Plemons–Stinnett-Phillips High School students and teachers are stepping up in the technology world with IPads. The PSPCISD Board of Trustees discussed prices and benefits of placing IPads into the hands of high school students during its meeting Tuesday night.A proposal was approved to buy 20 packs of 10 IPads (200 IPads) for students along with a Macbook and sync cart that will allow teachers to sync apps to 30 IPads at a time. The total cost is about $119,684, plus a extra $2,000 for protective covers. PSPCISD Superintendent Bill Wiggins spoke about the benefits of replacing hardback books with books in PDF files or e-book format, allowing students more interaction with their books. “It’s a little more than just a textbook, It makes your textbook on your desk come alive,” said Wiggins. He continued to say, “I’m not going to say that you won’t have a tremendous learning curve with the entire facility, because you have different levels of comfort with technology. “There is a lot more you can do more with it than just read your textbook. It will give kids that aren’t at school for school-related activities the ability to have missed lessons, notes, and worksheets for them when they are gone.” Students will be able to use recordings of teacher’s lectures and teacher’s notes in a “dropbox” application.When the kids show up for registration next year based on their class schedule, all needed books will already be on the district’s website. Students will go to the PSPCISD school course web site, click on the textbook they need and download it to their IPad. The only thing students would have to take to class with them is their IPad. “They can take it home and find wi-fi to get access to their textbook, and they could have their notebook with them. Plus, this thing can do a lot more than what students can do with books.” said Wiggins.