PSPCISD locking down on new iPad security

Back in April, PSPCISD board members approved action to buy iPads for high school students. Now that the iPads are in the possession of the students, PSPCISD faculty members have made it where they can watch the functions on each iPad. This was discussed in Tuesday’s meeting.PSPCISD purchased 20 packs of 10 iPads (200 iPads) for students, along with a Macbook and sync cart that will allow teachers to sync apps to 30 iPads at a time. The total cost was about $119,684, plus an extra $2,000 for protective covers. This way, students have the benefits of replacing hardback books with books in PDF files or e-book format, allowing students more interaction with their books.Once students connect to the school’s Wi-Fi connection, the school has the power to download applications to the iPads and check all activity. “We will have to stress to parents it’s not confidential in any way, and students will be blocked from certain websites, apps, and video streaming,” said superintendent Bill Wiggins.