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Progress Edition 2014


April 23, 2014

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Local Industry
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The Borger News-Herald
Progress Edition
Friday, April 25, 2014
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Page 4C Friday, April 25, 2014
Sid Richardson announces opening of new laboratory
Borger Plant manager Robert Kennedy and City Councilman Robert Vinyard cut the ribbon marking the opening of Sid Richardson’s new lab facilities. - Photo by Kristin Griswold Sid Richardson Carbon Co. opened the doors to a new quality control laboratory on Tuesday. The facility and new equipment will increase testing accuracy, helping workers identify potential problems or snags in the process. According to a press release issued by the company, “this state-ofthe-art facility will house all the plant’s testing capabilities required to assure our customers that they are receiving the finest quality carbon blacks available.” The new lab has carefully monitored temperature and humidity controls, as well as specially designed ventilation systems in place to remove dust and impurities from the air. Carbon black is present in many products used every day by most people, mainly in tires and other rubber products. Carbon black is used to make common items like mascara, toners and inks, paints, plastics, belts, hoses, and even electronics. According to one plant official, “Anything black has to have carbon in it.” Borger and Sid Richardson Carbon Compay have strong links dating back decades. Sid Richardson is the largest supplier of carbon black in the country and the only carbon black manufacturer to operate solely within the United States. Originally built during World War II, the
Ronnie Burkhammer, manager of quality control, addresses a group of visitors in Sid Richardson Carbon Company’s new lab facilities. Also pictured are Bill Jones, President of Sid Richardson; Riaz Bismilla, VP of Production; Steven Honea, Director of Engineering; Jerry Hays, Manager of Engineering; Herb Trulove, VP of Finance; Ronnie Parkhurst, Director of Logistics; Wesley Wampler, Borger Plant is the largest of its kind in the nation and the oldest in the world. As such, Sid Richardson has invested much in Borger. According to the press release, “Sid Richardson Carbon Co. has invested heavily in making the Borger plant world class in the industry for both quality and efficiency.” The company has spent 90 million dollars in capital in Borger since 2000 - 13.8 million just this year since March. The company is also opening a new building to relocate Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering personnel to a central location. “Combining these de-
VP of Quality Control; Leszek Nikiel, Director of Research and Development; Tedd B. Dodd, City of Borger Director of Public Works; Robert Vinyard, City Councilman; Robert Kennedy, Sid Richardson Borger Plant Manager; and Greg Martinez, Lab Technician. -Photo provided by Kristin Griswold, Assistant to Plant Manager. partments into a single location will enhance the communication and operating efficiencies of all three departments into a true “Team Approach,” said the press release. Sid Richardson representatives called the new facilities a promise to the people of Borger, saying that the investments so far are “just the beginning” and that “it will probably take another $90 million to keep [the plant] world class.” “The two new facilities represent an ongoing commitment to keeping the Borger plant an important manufacturing site in the United States for many years to come.”
ChevronPhillips has rich history in Borger area
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, based in The Woodlands (north of Houston), operates one of its large facilities right in the Borger area. The plant, which was originally a Phillips Petroleum plant, makes specialty products for the company, which include the following: •RYTON® Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) •Specialty Hydrocarbons and Solvents •Specialty Organosulfur Compounds •Specialty and Reference Fuels Chevron Phillips Borger Plant operations began in 1944, with Organosulfur production for synthetic rubber. For 70 years, the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company’s specialty products manufacturing facilities in Borger have been a valued employer and partner in the community. The facility makes more than 80 different products, some of which are manufactured nowhere else in the world. The complex provides employment for over 300 Chevron Phillips employees. Products produced include mercaptans used by the rubber, agricultural, adhesive, and gas odorant businesses, Sulfolane and Sulfolene utilized in the aromatics extraction, electronics, and lubricants industries, high purity hydrocarbons utilized in the pharmaceutical and reference fuel industries, and specialty fuels utilized in engine and environmental emissions testing. The plant maintains a unique relationship with its customers, providing specialty products and services helping customers solve problems and produce high value products. Also produced at the plant is Ryton® PPS, an engineering plastic, which has an unusual combination of outstanding properties, which include high temperature stability, corrosion resistance, good moldability,
dimensional stability, electrical resistance, and the ability to be easily compounded with reinforcing fillers. Customers with demanding needs use this product in a wide range of high specialized engineering applications, protective coatings for chemical resistance, appliances, and mechanical goods. Ryton® PPS is marketed and sold worldwide in both powder and pelletized form, the latter having been compounded with fillers. Product demand has been strong for the last several years as
Ryton® PPS resin and compounds are used in a wide array of applications. Research, product, and market development in this area promises continued strong demand in the years to come. Plant products are shipped throughout the world to meet customer requirements by rail, ship, and truck, and the Borger Plant has received and maintains the latest ISO 9001 certification for its quality systems. The company continues its long history of developing new products and
processes through its research team organization based in Bartlesville, OK and Kingwood, TX. Chevron Phillips values its employees and works hard to be involved in the community through its support and participation in civic clubs, economic development, educational institutions and scholarship, charities, environmental stewardship and solid safety performance. The company strives each day to be the best in everything it does, so Borger can remain proud of it and continue its proud business
legacy for many more years. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, with its affiliates, is one of the world’s top producers of olefins and polyolefins, and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, piping, and proprietary plastics. The company has total assets of approximately $10 billion and is owned equally by Chevron Corporation and Phillips66. Those wanting to know more about Chevron Phillips and the Borger Plant can visit
Page 2C Friday, April 25, 2014
Local 351
This year the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 351 is celebrating 73 years of providing workers with a safe and positive work environment in the Borger area. Back in 1941, IUOE Local 351 was organized, with the first contract negotiated between the Union and the Phillips refinery taking place in 1942. Ten years later, in 1952, Local 351 built the Union Hall located on Coolidge Street and is the location of its main offices today. Since organizing the local chapter in 1941, Local 351 has expanded to represent 38 contracts in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico and has offices in Big Spring El Paso, Ardmore, Okla., and Bartlesville, Okla. In the Texas Panhandle, Local 351 members work for many of the local industrial leaders, including Phillips 66 Co., Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., Sid Richardson Carbon Co., DCP Midstream, ConocoPhillips Pipeline, and ConocoPhillips E&P. The Union also has several refinery contracts with Valero Refining, Wynnewood Refining, AlonUSA, and Western Refining. The mission of Local 351 is to oversee that their members have a good work environment by promoting dignity, a living wage and a safe working environment free of harassment and intimidation. The Union also promotes constant and stable growth through organizing effort and works to cultivate successful and friendly industrial relations with those that employ its members. Local 351 also plays an important role by working to keep permanent jobs here in our community. In the future the Union will continue to negotiate contracts for its members and promote safety in the workplace.
supporting local workers for 73 years
Specialty Compressor goes above and beyond
Since April of 1979, CEO Roland Ledford of Specialty Compressor in Borger has gone above and beyond to provide service to area natural gas companies. He and his staff of twenty, including vice-president Ronnie Ledford, his son, manufacture gaskets and rebuild component parts for natural gas engines, compressors and pipeline. “We manufacture pistons, rods and roll threads on rods. We rebuild compressor valves and packing cases,” he explained. In recent years, the company purchased a water jet precision cutting machine. “It can make crosshead wrenches and signs up from steel up to six inches thick,” he said. Prior to opening his company, Ledford worked for France Compressor Products Service Center in Borger as area manager. After the center closed, he decided to go into business for himself. “Our first office was at 203 Carolina,” he said. “We moved into our present location in November of 1997.” Among his staff are Brent Ledford, General Manager and Purchasing Agent; Silver Welch, Office Manager; Junior Orasco, Shop Foreman; Keith Stephens, Valve Shop Foreman; Robert Hughes, Gasket Manufacturing Manager; and salesmen, Tommy Breznik, Les Phillips and Daniel Schluterman. The company sees annual sales of $2.5 to $3 million a year, Ledford said, and services a 300 mile radius out of Hutchinson County. “Sales are up and down,” he said. “So many old compressors in our area have been shut down by the EPA. We’re going further out because of that. But we’re holding our own.” Ledford expressed his appreciation to Specialty Compressor customers. He concluded, “We’re continuing to give the best service we know how.”
111 E. Coolidge St • Borger 806-274-4501
s 0 it’ 194 ing e rv inc Se s ers mb !
ROLAND LEDFORD BUS. (806) 273-9912 (806) 273-3951 (806) 273-2919 -GASKET SHOP FAX: (806) 274-4522 MOBILE: (806) 231-7511 #2 INDUSTRIAL BLVD BORGER, TEXAS 79007
Agrium: Ingredients for Growth and Fertilizer Products
Ingredients for Growth Agrium Inc. is the largest agricultural retailer in the U.S. supplying agricultural products and services in both North and South America. As a leading global wholesale producer, Agrium markets all three major agricultural nutrients and is the premier supplier of specialty fertilizers in North America through the Advanced Technologies business unit. Agrium’s strategy is to grow across the value chain through acquisition, incremental expansion of existing operations and through the development, commercialization and marketing of new products and international opportunities. Agrium markets over eight million tonnes of nitrogen, potash, phosphates, controlled release
fertilizers and micronutrients annually. These products are produced from more than 14 strategically located production facilities and marketed internationally. Agrium participates actively in the communities in which we operate by providing support, helping those in need, and working in partnership with others to build stronger communities. We are as committed to growing and nurturing communities as we are to safe, efficient crop nutrient production. Fertilizer Products Agrium produces 4.7 million tons (4.3 million tonnes) annually which is 20% of North American production of anhydrous ammonia. About 1.8 million tons (2 million tonnes) is sold di-
rectly as fertilizer or to the industrial sector. The remainder is used as raw material to produce 3.3 million tons (3 million tonnes) of urea and over 1.1 million tons (1 million tonnes) of other fertilizer products. Borger Nitrogen Operations produces 540,000 tons (490,000 tonnes) of ammonia and 109,000 tons (99,000 tonnes) of urea annually. In addition, the site also produces Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) grade prilled urea. Anhydrous ammonia is manufactured using natural gas, water and air. The water comes from nearby city-owned wells and natural gas is purchased from local producers. Farmers inject ammonia into the soil as a nutrient supplement for most crops. It can also be used
for industrial purposes, such as the promotion of bacterial growth in waste treatment plants, and as an efficient refrigerant. By reacting ammonia and carbon dioxide at high pressure and temperature, urea is formed. This urea (either solid granules or prills) is used to fertilize farmland, forest and lawns. Urea is also used as a raw material in the production of some glues and resins, a protein supplement in animal food, and melts ice from airport runways. One of the few nitrogen facilities in the US with the flexibility to make urea in both prilled and granular forms, Borger serves fertilizer dealers as well as animal feed suppliers. The facility is equipped with a granulator to produce uniform sized fertilizer
Impact on Local Economy
Our Borger Nitrogen Operation spends millions of dollars in Texas for raw materials, goods, services and equipment. Agrium is one of the largest taxpayers in the local county. Borger Nitrogen Operation participates actively in the community in which we operate by providing support, helping those in need, and working in partnership with others to build stronger communities.
Thanks in part to the dedication of our employees worldwide, Agrium continues to nourish our growing world as one of the leading providers of inputs for plant growth: in time creating value for each of our stakeholders.
grade product and a prill tower for the production of micro-prilled urea that is specially sized to mix
in animal-feed supplements.
Diversified Industrial Service Company, Inc. 1400 N. Main - Borger, Texas 79007 Phone: 806-274-2214 - Fax: 806-274-2626
• Compressor and Pump Repairs • Electric Arc Alloy Coating Types and HVOF Tungsten Coatings • Precision Machining • Sprockets and Spur Gears • Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs • CNC Department • Compressor Valve Shop • Screw Compressor Packages
TCM Division 610 N. Florida Borger, TX (806) 273-6565
Industrial Services, Inc.
Page 6C Friday, April 25, 2014
Due to its expanding business, CRL Pump & Supply was able to move to its new yard and store on 503 Industrial Boulevard in September of 2008. This quadrupled the company’s yard space and doubled its storage space. The company’s new warehouse is 55 feet x 210 feet and its yard is over four acres. In October of 2010, CRL completed a new addition to its Borger store. It increased its warehouse space by 1/3 with an additional 50 foot by 50 foot hose shop that houses a full line of Goodyear Hydraulic hose. In 2009, the company opened a store in Pampa, TX, where it does tong and packer repair. It sells all necessary items used to complete produce and maintain gas and oil wells and Low testosterone levels can cause low enerservice equipment, along gy & reduced stamina, depression & anxiety, with repair and sales of poor sleep, reduced libido, & weight gain downhole pumps. NATURE’S PLUS T-MALE boosts testosterone naturally which positively influences By providing timely male physiology-promoting strength, endurservice that is second to ance, stamina, vitality, energy, brain funcnone, CRL Pump & Suption, mood, sexual function and more ply will continually offer NATURE’S quality merchandise at competitive prices. PLUS T-MALE Visit the company’s Expires 5/30/14 527 North Main Street web site at www.crlpump. Borger, Texas 79007 com to see a full line of 806-273-5191 merchandise. MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9:30 - 5:30 SATURDAY: 9:30 - 2:00
CRL Pump & Supply provides service that is second to none
Northwest Insulation
strives to provide high quality service
Since its beginning, Northwest Insulation has strived to provide high quality service and materials to each and every client it serves. Northwest Insulation Company, Inc.’s corporate location was established in 1971 by Jack and Rhonnie Kaplan in Borger, Texas, and has since expanded to include branches in Odessa, El Paso, Amarillo, and Dumas, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK. All NWI branches are staffed with qualified and experienced management and personnel who strive to make Northwest Insulation a preferred contractor in its industry. NWI is a full-service contractor and material supplier for the insulation industry. The company provides a full range of insulation/construction services which include: •Thermal and cryogenic insulation installation •Heat tracing systems •Scaffolding-rental, erection, and dismantle services •Fireproofing and refractory applications •Painting, asbestos, and lead abatement services •Custom Fabrication Services •Removable Cover Insulation Systems •Major stocking distributor for the leading insulation manufacturer including IIG Calcium Silicate and Mineral Wool, Knauf Fiberglass, Pittsburg-Corning Foamglass, Harbison Walker Refractories, Carboline, RPR Metal Products, Alpha High-Temp Cloths, and Foster mastics Northwest Insulation has provided materials and services to a large clientele in the petroleum, chemical, carbon black, fertilizer, pipeline/transmission and agricultural industries for 40 years. In addition to industrial insulation, several NWI locations also provide commercial insulation services to schools and universities, hospitals, churches, and municipal facilities. NWI’s primary territory includes Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arizona, and Colorado, but expands to many other states. Management and qualified personnel provide expertise in estimation and budgeting inquiries, material recommendations, planning projects, mobilization, personnel coordination, insulation installation, and the successful completion of any job in a safe and effective manner. When people look to the company for their insulation needs, Northwest Insulation prides itself on delivering first-rate services. In an industry that requires swift response times NWI has demonstrated a premier standard in providing products and skilled laborers ready to respond when called. NWI works closely with its customers to make sure exceptional service and the absolute best materials are available for the job. The mission of Northwest Insulation is to provide a superior service to its customers while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. The company will deliver optimal project solutions for its clients by combining experience, technology, and innovation. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience to our clients on every job that we perform. NWI has established rich connections with our industry-leading clients that continue to be instrumental in our success.
20% OFF
Borger Location 503 Industrial Blvd PO Box 172 Borger, TX 79007 Phone: (806) 274-2692 Fax: (806) 274-4317
Pampa Location 1019 W. Alcock Pampa, TX 79065 Phone: (806) 665-0947 Fax: (806) 665-0524
529 N. FLORIDA • BORGER, TX 79007 • 806-274-7324
By providing timely service that is second to none, CRL Pump & Supply will continually offer quality merchandise at competitive prices to profitably serve, and ensure long term benefits and savings for our customers. As a team we will strive to maintain a positive work environment where management and employees can work and grow together for our mutual long-term benefit in partnership with our customers. CRL Pump & Supply is an Oilfield and Industrial Warehouse that provides products such as belts, hoses, valves, pipe and many other items to service the Texas Panhandle Oilfield. •Belts •Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings •Valves •Oilfield Supplies •Industrial Supplies
Northwest Insulation Company, Inc. was established in 1971 in the Panhandle town of Borger, Texas. Since that time, our company has expanded into West Texas and Oklahoma making us a leading full-service contractor and material supplier for the industrial insulation industry. Our ability to start and complete projects has made Northwest Insulation the preferred contractor for our industry. Our personnel are trained and experienced in all phases of thermal and cryogenic insulation applications, heat tracing systems, refractory and scaffolding. We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects on time and accident free. When you look to Northwest Insulation for your material needs, you can expect us to deliver first-rate products. But, we believe our obligation goes much further than that. While we stock a diverse inventory that features a wide range of products, we work closely with you to make sure the materials you select are absolutely the best for the job, no matter how Northwest Insulation Company strives to maintain a safe and productive work environment for its employees. This profile is designed to give our customers a measure of our ability to perform work safely and efficiently while providing the highest quality of service.
Did You Know...
Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy SRCE takes seriously the call to Co. has been producing carbon be a leader in environmental black in Borger since 1986. stewardship. Through the generation of electricity at the Borger and Big Spring plants, We are currently staffed with approximately 130 employees over 90,000 tons of coal and from Borger and the surrounding 125 million gallons of water are communities. conserved. The reduction in the amount of energy used directly correlates to less greenhouse SRCE has demonstrated a emissions. proven record of success through process and product improvement, and cost Today, the company provides an annual production in excess of reduction. 850 million pounds of carbon black and is one of the largest The Borger plant also produces electricity through cogeneration, producers of carbon black in having a capacity of 25 MW per North America. hour and sending enough excess electricity to the grid to power Our customers include all major tire manufactures and about 10,000 homes. other rubber, plastics and ink producers. SRCE offers employees major medical, dental and vision insurance; 401(k) Plain: 100% company funded pension plan; and Flexible Spending Accounts for both Health Care and Dependable Care. The Borger plant participates in its community by serving Borger Leadership, the United Way, the Rainbow Room Project, Hutchinson County Junior Livestock Association, and other local organizations through donations.
Answering The Call
Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co. • 9455 FM 1559 - Borger, TX 79007 806-274-7213 •
Drop by or call us for all your Industrial and Safety Supplies!
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