Primary elections today - Incumbent Mac Thornberry


Representative Mac Thornberry has served the 13th congressional district of Texas for twenty years, a fact that his opponents have latched onto with tenacity and ferocity. 

Elaine Hays asserts that Thornberry’s original platform’s inclusion of term limits suggests that he has overstayed his promises in Washington. Thornberry, on the other hand, has voted for term limits every time the issue has been raised in Congress. 

Thornberry’s long stay in Congress has allowed him to build a wide foundation and gather considerable respect and standing. 

Working extensively with defense and intelligence issues in the federal government, Thornberry was instrumental in setting up the Department of Homeland Security after the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks in Washington and New York. He chairs the Terrorism Panel of the Armed Services Committee and is considered by many to be a top pick as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, a first for TX-13. 

Thornberry spoke of his work in defense, what he said he was able to divulge without violating classified information barriers. He mentioned Edward Snowden, calling him a traitor and saying that people who think of him as a hero are “misguided” and “tragically wrong.”

“He is nothing but a traitor. As of last week we can say this: he stole 1.7 million files and the majority of what he stole had nothing to do with NSA. The majority of what he stole was related to military operations. And it has been testified in public that what he stole puts military men and women at greater risk of harm,” said Thornberry.

Mr.Thornberry also shed some light on the tendency for America to intervene in the internal matters of other countries. Thornberry said that the USA acts as a stabilizing factor in much of the world; but he says that is being diminished by President Obama’s administration’s actions and inaction on the world stage.

Thornberry also talked about the tendency for Republicans to attack one another on value questions. His own opponents have accused him of not being “conservative enough”, but Thornberry contends that he votes according to his conscious, not according to the scorecards created by organizations with agendas.

“There are four organizations who are making a living off of dividing Republicans.”

“I think it would be really hard for a Democrat to win here,” said Thornberry, “but then again, I beat a Democrat to get this job; so things change. And sometimes, they can change quickly. ... we need to focus not on the people that agree with us, but the people who disagree with us. That’s where we need to focus our time, energy and money.”

About Republican strategy, Thornbery said “Part of it is that we need to show that even if you don’t agree with most Republicans on some social issues - gay marriage or whatever it is - we want you to be Republican because we agree about lower taxes, limited government, strong defense. It’s about being inclusive even when you  may not agree on every issue. ... I think an intolerant tone does the most damage - whether you are talking about young people or Hispanics or whatever.”