Positive reports highlight Borger EDC Breakfast

While a majority of the economic headlines in recent years have dealt with the loss of jobs and the rising cost in food and energy, the Borger Economic Development Corporation’s Spring Fling Breakfast on Friday morning gave people in the attendance a break from the economic bad news, with several positive reports given from Borger EDC backed projects within the community.Patrick Nonhof of Provenance Consulting provided the first business update of the breakfast, talking about how the company has continued to grow by meeting the needs of several companies in the oil and gas industry through various services and computer software solutions, for industry leaders such as Valero, BP and ConocoPhillips.Currently Provenance Consulting has been busy doing work with ConocoPhillips and is in talks to begin work for two or three other major oil businesses that potentially will allow Provenance to added 20-30 new jobs.Steve Lesley of Blue Creek Mercantile and Black Rock Powder Company followed Nonhof, sharing about the continued growth if his ammunition company and moving the manufacturing of his company’s DYNAMITE Firestarters to Borger.Blue Creek Mercantile began making its firestarter that resembles the look of a stick of dynamite. Over the past four years the company has enjoyed a good amount of success in sales of the product in various trade magazines.The manufacturing of the DYNAMITE Firestarters was located in Oklahoma. However, Lesley has been busy in recent months moving the manufacturing equipment to Borger, where he expects to be up and running in the near future and should offer around eight jobs.In regards to the ammunition production by Black Rock Powder Company, Lesley said the past year has seen a lot of success in sales, with the ammunition available for purchase in locations such as Gebo’s and The Sportsman’s Guide.Lesley also told the people at the breakfast that his company has been able to land contracts with the National Park Service and the military.Due to the demand, Lesley said the company is in the process of looking into ways to manufacture their own brass casings but the equipment to do the process is a little expensive.However, Lesley said once the company is able to find a way to start producing their own casings for the ammo, the growth in the production could potentially lead the company in creating around 80 new jobs.Alex Rodriguez of On-Time Technology took a couple of minutes to share his appreciation to the EDC for its help in turning his dream into a solid computer IT services company that has been in business for over six years. Amando Lujan of Tejas Land Management started his presentation talking about how the first year for the business saw its share of challenges. However, the company has been able to work through the challenges to see plenty of success as the company enters its third year of existence.In working with several local land owners and landing a couple of government contracts, Lujan said the company projects to see sales double compared to last year. Currently Tejas Land Management is working on two projects with one involving the removal of salt cedars along the Canadian River, from the Dam to the Oklahoma border.Archie Stone of Global Frontline Solutions capped off the presentations of the local businesses, sharing how the company has busy working jobs in New Mexico, California, Kansas and currently in South Texas. Global Frontline continues to land contracts throughout the region and expects to see a lot of positive things in the coming year. Before the breakfast concluded, Spencer McElhannon of the Entrepreneur Alliance shared about how over the past two years he has had the opportunity to work with 70 individuals who have businesses ideas that could serve the local community. They ranged from a small photo business to million dollar projects.In those two years, McElhannon said with the help of the Entrepreneur Alliance, he projects that nearly 40 jobs have been created with around $1.5 million spent in capital.