Petition seeks an end to pumping

Just how precious is water in West Texas? Evidently, it is so precious some are ready to petition that what is here should stay here.
An online petition has been circulating the Internet since yesterday  in an effort to convince the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority to halt pumping water from Lake Meredith. As of Wednesday evening, the petition had gained 412 e-signatures in a 24-hour time span.
According to the petition, local residents want CRMWA to cease pumping water from the lake in order to preserve the lake’s recent gains.
“Preserve and conserve it so it can be used by others in the future for both drinking water and recreation,” the petition states.
In addition, the petition also calls for certain restrictions on any water used from Lake Meredith, including not pumping water to “any location that does not have water restrictions in place,” and to “not pump unless the lake exceeds 60 feet and do not pump the lake below 50 feet.”
Earlier this week, it was reported Canadian River Municipal Water Authority was planning to pump 2 million gallons a day for about 60 days to supply the Panhandle with water and conserve water from the Ogallala Aquifer.
 The petition continues to say, “It is not the petioners intent to focus on the past but rather to encourage awareness of the fact that yesterday’s policies do not work today.  It is well past time to implement forward thinking, responsible, EXTREME DROUGHT policies regarding pumping to member cities.”
Currently, Lake Meredith is currently at 41.22 feet and 51,286 acre feet.
 Interested individuals can see the petition online at:
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