PD warns locals to be aware of phone scam

The Borger Police Department wants citizens to be aware of a recent telephone scam circulating in the Hutchinson County area, one that has already directly affected some residents.Lt. Anthony Griffin of the BPD said this telephone scam targets mainly the elderly population. The scan begins with a telephone call to the victim, in which the caller identifies himself as a son or a grandson.“The caller advises that they have either been in an accident or are stranded in Mexico and are in need of assistance,” he said. “The caller then advises the victim to wire money to a specified location in Mexico. “Once the victim wires the money, the victim is either never contacted again or the caller contacts the victim back and advises that they need further assistance, in which more money is requested to be wired to Mexico.”Lt. Griffin said that anyone who receives a telephone call in regards to this scam or similar to it is asked and encouraged to contact the BPD at (806) 273-0930 to file a report. He has one final piece of advice to give to citizens when it comes to scams.“As in all possible scams, please do not send any money, nor give out any financial information, unless first investigated and validated as legitimate,” he said.