Officials respond to incident in Stinnett

Several local officials responded to an incident regarding a Stinnett citizen Monday evening.Around 7:30 p.m. on January 30, 2012, a call was made to Stinnett Police Department regarding a suicide attempt. Stinnett PD responded to the home of Troy Lassiter, 41, on Brown Street in Stinnett with intentions to call the man down and take action if needed. Stinnett Chief of Police Marie Farbro said Lassiter called the police for help, stating he was going to kill himself with a gun. He was communicating with his stepfather on the phone. Chief Deputy James Qualls of the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office stated his office responded to the Stinnett backup call and made contact with the neighbors. Farbro also stated toward the end before evacuating the neighbors, Lassiter made a call stating he was going to keep the gun in the house and walk outside. He then was taken to Northwest Texas Pavilion for further treatment. The City of Stinnett wants to thank the DPS, the county sheriff’s office, Fritch PD, Borger PD, EOC, Stinnett EMS, Allen Wells, City of Stinnett employees, and dispatch services for all their help, as well as the citizens’ corporation.