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Officials cracking down on wire burning

June 5, 2012

County officials are cracking down on wire burning.
According to Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards, wire burning pollutes the air with toxic fumes. In order to keep the air clear from pollution, county officials will enforce laws more regularly from the Health and Safety Code of Texas as a deterrent to copper thieves. The Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office, Fire Marshal’s Office, and County Attorney have joined together with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to stop wire burning and decrease theft.
According to section 382.081 of the health and safety code of Texas, this is a Class A Misdemeanor violation that involves burning of insulation of electric wire and those who act on it could receive a $4,000 fine and up to a year in jail.
“We just want to make sure everyone understands what the law is on burning copper wire, because it is serious offense,” said Richards.
Anyone with question on burning wire or other toxic items can call the County Fire Marshal’s Office at 273-0930. Citizens are also asked to contact law enforcement if they suspect any suspicious action regarding toxic fumes.


Why dont they crackdown on

June 5, 2012 by bradhendricks (not verified), 3 years 12 weeks ago
Comment: 1201

Why dont they crackdown on methamphetamine use, and attack the real problem. Maybe even a pretense of some treatment options...? Nobody I know is the least concerned about those fumes. We want the meth lab fumes gone.

Matt, If they cracked down on

June 6, 2012 by EW.Dyer (not verified), 3 years 12 weeks ago
Comment: 1202


If they cracked down on meth use in the manner best fitting to the public, there would be a few public officials also losing there jobs, we wouldn't want another "Ballman" occurrence would we?

"If something's not a problem, fix it, and make people think it's a problem, then you have a perfect success rate, a great resume for a politician." EW Dyer

I'm surprised the F B I investigation into the Fernandez drug ring hasn't lead to a few "other" arrests.

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