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No serious injuries reported in bus wreck

November 17, 2011

There were no serious injuries reported in a wreck occurring Tuesday on Third and Hedgecoke.
According to Superintendent Chance Welch, a bus carrying seven students was stopped at that particular intersection. When the light turned green, the bus proceeded forward.
However, an SUV in the same area thought it still had a green light, and ended up colliding with the front end of the bus it as it went through the intersection.
Welch said he was at the scene of the accident and saw Kenneth Coleman, Director of Transportation, attempt to make sure the parents of all the students on board the bus were contacted.
“We want to let our parents know as soon as possible about the safety of their children,” he said.
One of the students was transported to the hospital, and Welch went to the hospital to ensure that the student was okay.
“I’m thankful there were no serious injuries,” he said. Welch said the driver of the school bus was not cited in the wreck.
The Borger Police Department was contacted for comment on the matter via phone and email, but had not issued a statement as of press time.


Bus Accident

November 17, 2011 by Jana Baur (not verified), 3 years 41 weeks ago
Comment: 909

I really love how the newspaper prints everything they are told, but yet a parent.. namely Me, contacted the newspaper very upset that I was not contacted about my daughter being in an accident, and all my unanswered calls to the school and the transportation department attempting to find my child.
Leaving my husband home incase my daughter called home while I was out looking for her at the school, thinking she had missed the bus, so our phone was NEVER UNATTENDED, when he seen the bus out front, he calls me on the cell phone and I start towards home, only to find my daughter in tears in the living room, me thinking she was upset for being home so late, and only to find out there was an accident that she was involved in, and the person that was supposed to be maning the phones/radio at the transportation department leaving his post to go to the scene, the police telling me he was part of the EOC and was there helping direct traffic soon after the police arrived, that is what the EOC does, assist the police department in traffic control.
Yesterday I get a call from Mr Coleman informing me he did call my home and that he spoke to a woman, when I told him I am the only woman in this home and he did not talk to me, then he tells me, Oh, it was a man.. well I can tell you, there was NO CALL TO MY HOME BY HIM!
Then when the bus was again late last night, the tone of his voice ANGERED me, and I told him I did not appreciate his calling me to make excuses.
Also, when my husband and I went out to lunch yesterday, a couple also in the restaurant, talks to me after overhearing me discuss this with my neighbor, they informed me they also did not get a call, they found out by driving past the wreck and seeing their daughter in the ambulance.

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