Mr. Treats says goodbye

After 55 years of satisfying Borger’s sweet tooth, Mr. Treats is closing shop. Since 1957, Mr. Treats Donut Shop has seen several hundred citizens walk through its doors on a daily basis.According to the owner Teresa Bellow, Mr. Treats will shut its doors for good this Friday, May 25, 2012.“My husband and I were planning to close it next week for vacation, but we decided to keep it closed. Whoever decides to buy it, I would love to see it kept as a traditional donut shop. It was a hard decision to make, but I have to take care of my family,” said Bellow. Bellow told the Borger News-Herald her family has faced a few medical issues and feels it would be the best thing to do. Mr. Treats has been a part of Bellow’s family for about 20 years. Her parents owned the shop for 13 years before she acquired it for the next six years.Mr. Treats has definitely made an impact on this community and its customers. “We’re all just like family,” said Bellow.