Mr. Treat Donuts reopens for business!

A favorite breakfast hot spot for many local residents reopened for business on Monday!Mr. Treat Donuts reopened its doors this Monday, July 2, under the new ownership of Ken and Sylvia Brockett. The business will be open from 5 a.m. until noon Monday through Saturday.Ken said he had difficulty seeking employment, and when he saw the article in the newspaper regarding the closure of Mr. Treat Donuts, he was interested in reopening it. He got in touch with the former owner Teresa Bellow, got some particulars, and decided to go forward with purchasing the business.The two said they have been in the area since 1992, and really like the people. Several local businesses have helped them acquire supplies they need to get things off the ground. Ken said he is excited to get started.“Everything has been positive. I’ve been happy,” he said.He said Bellow has been particularly helpful, and will be running them through the entire process of what needs to be done to keep the business running successfully.The first batch of donuts under the Brocketts’ ownership was made at 1 a.m. Monday morning. Ken said they feel good about getting the business reopened.“We got it done, and I think we’re ready,” he said.The same formula that has been used in the Mr. Treat Donuts all these years will continue, and the same cooks will be back.The Brocketts said they want to keep everything the same, while also dreaming for the future at the same time. Ken said not much will change.“Hopefully, it will be just a continuation,” he said.Those interested in finding out more information on the reopening of Mr. Treat Donuts can email the Brocketts at, call the business at 274-6677, or reach Ken after hours via cell phone at 806-231-7792.A web site and Facebook are both in the works, and the business is working on becoming part of the Borger Chamber of Commerce. Ken said their daughter is helping in this effort, and will be also spending some time at the business. Their son, who is a local business owner, also plans to help out where needed as the business reopens its doors.