Medicare scams: don’t fall for them

An area resident wants to warn fellow citizens about a Medicare scam that she experienced this week.Delvha Ennis said she received a call around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday from someone claiming to be a Medicare representative.Ennis said she was told by the man that he was just checking her identification so Medicare could deposit checks for her. He then asked what bank she did business with, and she gave this information. However, Ennis’s hackles went up when he began repeatedly asking for her account information. He asked her first to give him the number at the bottom of her checks. She told him her daughter handled this for her and she did not have it on file. He then kept asking her to find a bank statement to get the information, and Ennis continued to tell him that her daughter handled all of that for her. He then got someone he claimed to be a supervisor on the line, and this person also kept asking for the information. She said they both sounded like foreigners.Ennis repeatedly told them she could not give out this information. The call was finally cut off, but Ennis said she was feeling extremely fearful about receiving such a call. She said she wanted to warn others in the area to safeguard against such a scam. According to an article on, there are tips that senior citizens can follow in order to safeguard their personal information in such instances.•Never give out any personal information in person, over the phone, or on the Internet to people or companies with which you are unfamiliar.•If personal information is asked for, verify the information request directly with the company or organization involved by contacting the entity using a telephone number from an independent source.•Legitimate Medicare organizations will never try to get sensitive information over the telephone, email, or unsolicited mail. This includes bank account information, Social Security numbers, addresses, and Medicare numbers.•Seniors and the families can call 1-800-MEDICARE to report any of these types of calls. They can also log on to to learn more about the efforts to fight such scams.To report scams locally, contact the Borger Police Department at (806) 273-0930.