MacAhan passionate about MS cause

When it comes to Walk MS, there is a local citizen whose heart is truly passionate about the cause.Don MacAhan of Borger was the top fundraiser for the 2010 Walk MS Fundraiser for the panhandle area, collecting well over $6,000 just by himself.He made the ConocoPhillips team the areas top fundraising team just by “asking everybody I run in to,” he said. Last year’s Borger MS Walk raised over $16,000. In regards to this year’s walk for MS, MacAhan said that his goal is “always to beat whatever I’ve done the year before,” and that is to reach over or equal $7,500. MacAhan started walking for MS in 1989 because it was the only one that was a walk and not necessarily a run. “I’ve had knee surgeries so I walked in the Super Cities Walk in Baton Rouge, La., in the spring of 1989,” he said.MacAhan moved here to Borger in December of 1989 and found that they were also doing the walks in Amarillo at the time.He continued to say, “I’ve just continued to just do the walks. I’ve felt like everybody should do something outside of what they normally do as far as their church and stuff to help others and that’s what I choose,” he said. After his sister was diagnosed with MS, MacAhan said that he started to really focusing on how much more he could raise at that point and simply said “ I want a cure.” “I don’t want to see happen to other people what I’m seeing happen with my sister and I’m slowly watching her regress in her ability to walk and move and I’d like to eradicate it if possible,” he said.He said sometimes the only way you can aid in doing that is raising money, which helps do two things. It directly helps people who have MS and at the same time it helps fund research to try and help a cure. Nothing has been found to stop it, but there are ways its progress can be slowed. MacAhan said he doesn’t leave his office with out carrying a pledge sheet with him .“I’m not bashful of asking anybody,” he stated. MacAhan said that when you go to the walks you get to meet people who have MS, because quite often there will be people there who volunteer their time who can’t walk, but they’re making the effort. “It becomes personal when you know people and so you feel a little more passionate about it. Once it does become personal, it’s just not something that goes on but doesn’t affect me,” he said.He then said “If you’re going to walk, you might as well raise the money.” MS is a serious condition, and it’s important to get all the help and support that’s available. Many people find it useful to talk to other people with MS.