Lake Meredith Wildfire

The Borger News-Herald was notified as of 9:31 p.m. Currently 136 into Fritch both eastbound and westbound are closed. Traffic will be diverted at FM 293 into Panhandle where people can then travel on SH 207 into Borger because of a wildfire in Fritch and Sanford, Lake Meredith Harbor area. The areas of Harbor Bay, Vinson Development and Sanford Estates are under mandatory evacuation. Residents are being asked to go the High School Gym in Fritch where the Red Cross will be setting up. At this time there are several structures that have burned but we do not know the extent or how many. Mutual aid has been requested and there are fire departments from across the Texas Panhandle and even New Mexico battling the fire. Residents in the Sanford area are asked to be on “a heightened alert” as the National Weather Service has said winds may change at any time. Per Chris Ray, Sr. Trooper - Texas Highway Patrol - Safety Education / Media.

Volunteers from the Texas Panhandle and Eastern Texas Panhandle Chapters of the American Red Cross are in Fritch at this time. Our volunteers will head to the two evacuation sites, Fritch High School and Celebration Church, to see how we can support those evacuated and local emergency management. Per Executive Director

American Red Cross.

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