High Plains Animal Hospital demolishes old facility

The High Plains Animal Hospital building, 1335 South Main Street, has stood tall since 1947.Yesterday, May 2, 2012, owner Dr. Joe Millhouse, DVM, took the privilege to hit the clutch on the bulldozer and tear down the old hospital. Construction for the new building started back in September of 2011 and it opened only three weeks ago. “It’s like going from a model T to a Maserati,” said Millhouse.Dr. Millhouse has owned High Plains Animal Hospital for 13 years and has looked forward to building a new Vet Clinic for 13 years. “When we bought it there was the hope of replacing it someday, but it just wasn’t something we could do right after we bought it. But we have improved the ability to provide veterinary service dramatically,” said Millhouse.Dr. Millhouse and his wife also own the Carson County Veterinary Clinic, 1329 HWY 60.The new clinic is more spacious and efficient for all the health needs of pets. Borger can expect the new High Plains Animal Hospital building to offer all the same services as before, but with a new and sharper look.