For Hicks, work is all about making signs

(Editor’s Note: The Borger News-Herald will be featuring Borger’s City Departments throughout the next several weeks, highlighting the services that the city performs for citizens on a daily basis.)There is one City of Borger employee whose career is all about making signs.Rosa Hicks, Public Works, produces all city signs for citizen safety and awareness. She has been performing this service for 15 years and counting.Hicks is now the only self-taught Borger resident making all the signs and placing them on streets. She enjoys her job because she gets to get to stay in and go out to make the city brighter, prettier and safer. She continued to say, “Some people say some of the funniest things. Once I was painting handicap markings on Main Street. I was asked if I could come and do their swimming pool. I couldn’t even paint, I was laughing.”Since Hicks has worked for the city, she has put out thousands of signs. People call and ask her to make special signs or to fix a certain sign. Without the public making her aware, it is hard for her to keep up with the 2,000 and counting street signs. “I had no idea I wanted to do this job. It just came by chance. My husband came to work here in 1996 as a heavy equipment operator. He was the type that made friends really fast. He took a huge pay cut,” Hicks said. “He had been here for a few months and I went to a Christmas party and met everyone. We just all got along really well. The director asked Ronnie, my husband, if maybe I would be interested in mowing and doing seasonal work. We all got along and became one happy family. I learned stuff. It just so happened that the other man who was in here retired and it was just about the end of the season. I was asked to work full-time here. It was a pure and simple blessing. I didn’t come looking for that job at all. It was just brought up and it just fell in place.” Hicks stated.She enjoys making signs requested that she can make and be creative with. She has made signs for Relay For Life, the band crossing sign on Jefferson Street, and signs for Moonlight Madness and various other events.Hicks stresses the importance of how important street signs are to the public.”Without street signs this would be in havoc,” she said. She continued to say, “[It would be great] if the kids could get an idea of how important the signs are and not mark them up or take them. There were some kids in California that wanted a stop sign for their garage so they took it. Two people died a few hours after the stop sign was taken. They weren’t from the area and they didn’t know to stop. They got hit by a semi. It’s just not funny and just not something to play with.”Any citizens who see a street sign in need of replacement are asked to call Hicks at 273-0956 and she will take care of it.