Guymon Youth Force helping making a difference in the lives of wildfire victims in Fritch

Sometimes it’s the youngest people in the world who can make the biggest difference in someone’s life, and that is exactly what a group of Oklahoma youngsters ranging from ages 12-18 from all over the state are doing.
Most of the groups participating with the Guymon Youth Force have been going to Fritch, according to Jacque Anderson.
“We are helping with a 90-year-old veteran who lost his home down there,” she said. “He lost it to the ground. Our Methodist men raised it and cleaned the site up, but (the group) is in the process now of building a house for him.”
The kids have been working on building tresses and a trench for concrete pourings.
There are two other groups in Fritch, as well. One group is re-painting a house that had to be re-faced following a May 11 wildfire that destroyed more than 230 hiomes and left over 100 people homeless. The other group is going to various sites and cleaning out the trash that still remains.
The youngsters arrived in Guymon around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday before heading back to their hometowns on Friday at approximately noon.
The different towns from Oklahoma represented with this group included Sallisaw, Checotah, Mustang, Buffalo, Fort Supply, Weatherford and Guymon.