Four ways to keep your children busy this summer

Parents sometimes find it hard to keep their children occupied during the summer months. Many summer camps and other programs cost money that families may not have. The following are some ideas for summer activities that are affordable, and the children will have fun doing them.*Summer camp is an activity that most kids want to take part in. These types of camps can vary in cost. They are still worth looking into because some summer camps offer reduced rates or scholarships if the family meets the income guidelines, but why spend so much on out-of-town camps when the City of Borger offers a Park Recreation Program for free? Children are able to enjoy socializing with other kids from the neighborhood, as well as crafts, swimming and other fun activities. For more information on this program, call 231-8979.*Hutchinson County Libraries in Borger, Stinnett, and Fritch are offering a summer reading program for children to take part in. If your son or daughter loves to read, this is a good program to look into. Certificates and prizes are awarded for program completion. For more information contact your local Library. Borger Branch (273-0126); Fritch Branch (857-3752); or Stinnett Branch (878-4013) * A trip to the local playground (Huber Park or Fritch City Park) is always fun. Children will be able to play with other children. Have your child pack a lunch and have a picnic with plenty of water. Some of the local playgrounds, like Stinnett and Huber, may have a sprinklers or a pool. If so, be sure your child brings sunblock, towel and change of clothes to get wet in and lots of sunscreen. * If your child is seeking a good time with friends, but doesn’t want to leave the house, try camping in the back yard. Set up a tent and let your child invite some friends over for a camp out. Make sure they have plenty of blankets if it gets cold. Let them make sandwiches and other snacks. They can tell ghost stories and have a good time.There are many ways to keep your children busy through the summer months. The listed suggestions may be an option. If it’s not, brainstorm with your child to help find fun and creative ways to stay busy and are also affordable.