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Fernandez, others sentenced Tuesday

March 13, 2012

On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, four local residents associated with an October 2011 “round-up” in Borger were sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson, announced U.S. Attorney Sarah R. Saldaña.
Judge Robinson sentenced Francisco Villanueva “Frank” Fernandez, 43, to 100 months in federal prison and ordered him to pay a $10,000 fine and give up about $165,000 in cash, a Maserati, a Mercedes-Benz, a Bentley, a camper, a ski boat and trailer, and real estate at 328 and 330 N. Main in Borger.
He was indicted in November 2011for narcotics distribution conspiracy and pleaded guilty in January 2012 to one count of conspiracy with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine and five kilograms or more of cocaine. As part of his plea, Fernandez admitted to supplying narcotics to street-level dealers in and around Amarillo.
Frank 's wife, Amy Fernandez, 43, was sentenced on February 29, 2012, to 12 months in federal prison following her guilty plea in November 2011 to one count of structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements. In addition, Judge Robinson ordered A. Fernandez to pay an agreed money judgment of $99,950.
According to documents filed in the case, Amy Fernandez admitted that she purchased cashier’s checks from four separate financial institutions each day during the week of February 22, 2010, through February 26, 2010. In order to avoid federal reporting requirements, Fernandez purchased these cashier’s checks in either $3000 or $2950 amounts, for a five-day combined total of $59,550. Bank tellers stated during these transactions, Fernandez tendered cash that she removed from large, gallon-sized plastic bags that she carried in her purse. She must report to the Bureau of Prisons by March 19, 2012.
Dustin Engler, 25, was also sentenced by Judge Robinson to 120 months in federal prison. Engler and his co-conspirator, Raphael Garcia, 36, made arrangements with a confidential informant to sell methamphetamine outside a grocery store in Borger. Garcia drove Engler to the store after directing Engler to hide the methamphetamine retrieved in a secluded residential areas as part of the sale. Outside the store, Engler contacted the arranged purchaser of the methamphetamine, an undercover officer, and told the officer to follow Garcia to the residential area in which the narcotics were hidden. After arriving, Engler stepped out of the passenger side of the vehicle and directed the officer to a nearby pile of bricks, saying, “It’s in there.” The officer then retrieved a plastic bag containing methamphetamine from the pile. Both pleaded guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Garcia got 160 months in federal prison on January 31, 2012. Both Engler and Garcia were in custody at the time of their sentencing hearings.
Also sentenced was David Escobar, 27, who received three years of probation and a $2,000 fine for his role in a gambling enterprise based out of Borger. Escobar admitted that he operated all or part of a gambling business involving sports betting between December 2010 to October 2011. As part of his plea papers, Escobar admitted that co-defendant Jose Luis Fernandez hired him to help run Fernandez’s sports-book operation in the Texas Panhandle, agreeing to pay Escobar $300 per week to act as a bookie, fielding telephone calls by people placing sports bets, documenting bets, and arranging for the pay-out of winnings and collections of debts. Part of his job involved receiving payments at specifically scheduled times. When Escobar faced a difficult time receiving payment, he would contact Jose Luis Fernandez or his brother Aaron Steven Fernandez, both co-defendants, for the help in collecting.
Lastly, Judge Robinson sentenced Leonard Anthony Scott, 47, to 145 months in federal prison. Scott pleaded guilty in December 2011 to one count of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. His co-defendant and half-brother, Tomar-Bysshe Embers, 38, pleaded guilty to the same offense and was sentenced on February 29, 2012, to 120 months in federal prison. Both Scott and Embers have been in custody since their arrests in October 2011.


6 Down, 1000 to go

March 20, 2012 by ProfitOverPeople (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1113

Ok, so finally what was known for a decade at least, has settled down to 8 years for most of them in prison. Great. Good job, the time it took to catch them is less than the time they'll be serving. Now, on to the city officials, other business owners, and many more people, who knew of these actions for that duration.

You'll live by the leadership you've been given, you'll drown by the leadership who gives you water.


March 19, 2012 by Wowpeople (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1102

This tx_girl is annoying. I've only read a few of these comments and can fell all she does and check comments every second on this website. Get a clue lady and most importantly get a life. Put all this research you're doing towards a good use you drama queen.

Dont forget this is the

March 19, 2012 by Cswin (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1096

Dont forget this is the reason things are so bad in Mexico and along the U.S. and Mexico border. People like this profitted from Mexican law enforcement and Border Patrol agents dieing and risking their lives everyday to stop this. If you really want to get rid of people like this don't use their business. I have said that for years and have never used them and have told my friends to quit supporting their local drug dealers.

so true!

March 19, 2012 by tx_girl (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1100

AMEN to that! Well said!

Are we wrong to want drug dealers put away?

March 19, 2012 by userwithabrain (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1093

Most welfare professionals (79.6%) report that substance abuse causes or contributes to at least half of all cases of child maltreatment; 39.7% say it is a factor in over 75% of the cases.

Google some abused childrens photos, then tell me if you have still compassion for drug dealers and think they are so misunderstood!
Misunderstood, no, remorseful, yes, that they got caught! Do they care about the father who was killed by a drugged up driver? Do they care about the mother up all night wondering if her child will come home alive? Who are the real losers when they get out before they have spent enough time to really think about what they have done?? You will, I will and We all will!!

So, forget all the he said she said they did or didn't get caught with...what if I told you one of these children were harmed as a direct affect of a local drug sale that was passed through Borger's latest case..where would you stand then..could your heart be so cold you could turn your head..just saying!! Pray..

This is what its all about, the families, the children that are harmed..if you don't think drugs make people crazy, wake up, ask someone who has had first hand dealings with them..those who care for the lost children, torn families..going to jail is nothing compared with the daily trials these children have gone through. So, get focused on why it makes us mad. Why doesn't it you?

Weirdo lady

March 19, 2012 by Wowpeople (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1101

User with a brain? You need to find that brain through that thick head of yours. No one asked for statistics miss Billie sue or whatever your name is.

What goes around comes around

March 19, 2012 by Have_faith (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1091

Okay why are y'all being so hateful? We all know that there are no rights in this situation but haven't y'all heard of learning from your mistakes? That's exactly what the Fermandez's are doing and they are paying for what they did so why don't we just let them be? They are being punished enough without everyone criticizing them and being so hateful towards them. Instead of wishing harm we should pray that they get better from this and never go back to their past. I know that y'all say they were rude to people or whatever but how do these comments toward and about them sound any better than them being rude to you? No one is perfect but what matters is you learn and make yourself better every day and trust me the Fermandez's have learned what they did was wrong and are changing themselves so why can't you be happy for them and understand that they will never do this again? I hope we all can all let this go and have faith that they are becoming better people, and be thankful for it. God forbid if any of you have a downfall you are being prayed for and not criticized.

poor pitiful people

March 19, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1089

FYI I know exactly who is involved...You wanna call somebody low need to clean up your own back yard...Wow....the truth is slapping you all in the does it feel....This isn't about me...but FYI while you are talking tough you might want to know that your sorry brother-in-law is in transient to the federal prison right now...I guess they wanted him and his wife to go on the same day...Check it out if you don't believe me....I'd be real careful if I were you about threatening a never know who you are threatening!!! Where do I get my information...have you ever thought that I might just be part of this investigation into your family...I am far from poor...and what I have I have worked a legal job to get...REALITY hurts doesn't it...clean up your backyard before you try to clean up somebody else's....

Miss know it all!

March 19, 2012 by Wowpeople (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1103

You sound like a moron. You're quite the investigator aren't ya? More like instigator. Grow up.


March 19, 2012 by 2themoronsofBorger (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1086

Hey to to be honest and twisted why don't put ur name on here instead of being such a coward!!! Sign ur name to these commits since u know so much. If u read the info that is public It's not just about on Frank and Amy charges...or your so freaking stupid u don't understand what it says. This does involve multiple people It must take a real person to talk all this crap without knowing us. I would sure like to meet u and stick my foot up ur ***. you pick the place and time!!! I'm sick of this..I bet ur some low life that hasn't worked for anything. Do u know how hard they worked all their lives...don't u think been through enough being set from there family, selling there business that they worked to build up...I'm sure u used seriously the It's is not looking into anything...this is done deal.

Amy Frank T and Puddin you know who here for you and we all love you guys!!!. Forget these dumb *** and let's move on with our live.


don't call us idiots

March 19, 2012 by bereal (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1099

It would be sad if forensic accountants did not look at their businesses. There is no doubt they worked hard to keep their cover businesses looking legit and using creative accounting to launder as much as they could. But in the end they had more money than they could justify. I did not use their businesses and know few people who did. The best thing anyone could say about the tan palace was there was never a line. I was told the tan beds were disgustingly unsanitary. Yet the business turned monster profits. Amy reportedly drove business away yet her dress shop turned more profit than our JC Penny's. Frank's did not have the staff to install enough flooring to justify that show room, but miraculously he made a fortune.

So now here is money laudering 101. These are all high margin businesses. A simple investment in tanning beds and now they can claim that every bed was in use every minute of every day. As for the dresses and flooring all you have to do is sell it for what it is worth and put it in the books for whatever you think is believable. The labor is the easiest. Just make up fake bills insisting the installs took much longer than they actually did. Book all of your employees at minimum wage and pay them in cash and gifts and you have just washed a few thousand more a month.

Buying money orders under $3,000 with cash would work if you stretched the purchases out over months.

But what so many of us in town knew is that they were not doing enough business. They should've put their laundering operations in a much larger town. If they were in Dallas no one would have even questioned their profits. But they had been laundering so much money that Frank's Flooring owed the state comptroller $400,000. For those of you that have never run a business, the comptroller collects quarterly the 8.25% sales tax a business collects. If you fall too far behind on your taxes the comptroller can shut you down. Do the math and draw your own conclusions.

Fernandez clan

March 18, 2012 by foundingfatherofborger (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1084

Okay everyone I am finally tired and disgusted of hearing all about poor the Fernandez family. First of all they knew what could happene to them one day if they ever got caught. They thought they ruled Borger but thanks to who ever that special person is that finally helped the citizens of this town where I have lived all my life. We all knew what they were doing. The house, automobiles. The money they and their sons and some of the brothers flashed around. I think most of us knew of secrets they thought were secrets like Frank's women on the side that would tell all about his secrets. How about the runners that worked for him. Hmmm. They too don't know how to keep secrets. Oh cuz they are just runners not involved in the actual dealings. I think by now we all don"t know what is true or false by all the stories being told. The one thing I know is that they were drug dealers and their stores were just something needed to show some income. Maybe if Amy wasn't such a snob. Peolpe wouldn't be talking about her. Maybe if the sons weren't just like her TMONEY on tags.They wouldn't be talked about either. Maybe if the mom wouldn't of said my sons are not invovled. They are hard working men. They wouldn't talk about her. Sure you can't help what your family members do illegal and if you are not involved. Don't comment. Keep silent. It's worse to hear you say you back up your family because people will just think you are invovled too. We can love a person but not back them up on wrong things they do.We hope they arrest all that are invovled with this drug ring like the butcher, the second owner of OJ's who is the real bookie, the owner of the furniture store, the Adame who has horses and is Frank's rivalry. We hope they arrest them all.... We need the outside government to continue on doing the investigations and arrests. No I don't feel sorry for the Fernandez clan that were involved. Finally if you really want to help Borger call the 1 800 number for the DEA out of Dallas and help clean up Borger.


March 18, 2012 by hard2follow (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1078

be careful playing games with people who can play them better...don't let yourself get mixed up too deep. silence is a virtue! people are going to continue to voice their own opinions on here...don't feed the fire! ;)


March 17, 2012 by yourfavoriteFERNANDEZ (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1072

Twister, to_be_honest, tx_girl... hahaha you guys are so funny! I just want to say thank you for all of your great stories you have shared. Im sure everyone else that has read yall's ridiculous comments has enjoyed them as well. I also think you guys know more about this situation than we even do. What do you guys do all day besides sit on the computer, look at Borger News Herald and write comments about stuff yall have NO IDEA about?? Because whatever it is, I want to do exactly what you guys are doing in life. Let me inform you guys on something, we SOLD our store last week, Yes thats exactly what I said we SOLD it :). If everything that you guys have said about my mom or dad were TRUE they would have took our store a long time ago and everything else :). Have a great day!

yourfavoriteFERNANDEZ :)

So remorseful!!!

March 19, 2012 by userwithabrain (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1095

I just wonder, did any of those that got caught have to go to detox? Probably not..which says it all to us..users in only a profitable way, no matter who stands in the way, friends family or God..I just hope as you go to your next home (and I refer to the one with bars and barb-wire) you get some counseling in how to be a human and make yourselves worthy of the life God has given you. And as far as everyone getting upset, well, if you read your Bible, even God got mad!!!

fyi fernandez

March 18, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1083

Apparantly you don't tell the truth just like your parent's weren't guilty...FYI...there are links to the FBI and the Federal Courts which are public knowledge...Why don't you try to look them up and want to know what I am doing in life...Well I am not selling drugs....not laundering money....not gambling illegally...and they didn't take $159,738.01 from me...they didn't take 5,467.00 from me...They didn't take my Maserati from Fort Bentley from Borger...need I say more...and I would never have my child go to a bank like somebody's mother did...and I am not the mother who is entering federal prison tomorrow...So think about it....Furthermore Fernandez...why don't you tell the truth about the store...The IRS is involved and this is far from over with...So while you sit there and lie like apparantly you have been taught so well to do...CHECK YOURSELF....anybody can find out anything if they look in the right places...We are all just going to sit and laugh as everything you people have is taken away....FYI I understand that they are fixing to investigate why taxes, social security, and medicare wasn't paid from the people you hired...So when you want to talk stupid to better have something more concrete than you have....Shouldn't you be getting your mother ready to go to prison instead of commenting on the comments...Have a nice life....


March 19, 2012 by 2themoronsofBorger (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1087

You couldn't afford those things no anyways. Have u ever seen that much money!!! U probably never will!! Keep talking it just makes us stronger!!! Thanks for ur support!!!

this much money

March 19, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1090

FYI I have seen that much money and more...and thanking me for my kind of you....Yes you have my support...Supporting putting these people in prison where they belong...and I do know what I am talking is far from over with....I see the truth hurts doesn't it....but as I have said...CLEAN up your own backyard before you try to clean up other's....

Fernandez Family

March 16, 2012 by been there (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1065

As someone who has a family member serving time in prison, I can tell you that this family will be punished more than everyone who has left a comment here can wish on them. You cannot do time - federal or state - and come out of it the same. Nor can your family who decides to stand by you because there is no one else left. The God I serve is a God of 2nd chances regardless of what sin you have committed. The fact is we all have sinned and fall short -- the sins are different for each of us. God's hope for ALL of us is that we seek Him first.....because it is when we are at the bottom that we can finally reach up so that God can pull us out of the pit we got ourselves into. At the end of the day, I feel sure they have or they will realize that how they lived and what they did -- wasn't worth the price that has been paid.....freedom. None of us deserve forgiveness -- but because of what Jesus did on the cross -- we get it....all of us and that includes the Fernandez Family. I agree with the majority of you on how they treated people -- I have been treated the same way by them, but reality is none of us will answer to God, the police, or any other person - for what they have done. They get to live with what they have done and their family gets to live with what they have done. If they have asked God to forgive them and meant it -- it's been forgiven. It's time to let them be.


March 16, 2012 by yourfriendmorgon (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1062

It's so funny how people without even knowing the truth begin to ASSUME things! Like tx_girl with her comment about them moving out. If you don't know the facts don't ASSUME, instead shut your mouth! It's pretty pathetic that people like tx_girl don't have anything better to do than to write stupid comments on here. I guess when you don't have a life of your own you have to get in other people's business. She acts like she knows everything about Frank and Amy, she's probably one of those people that act like they're a friend then turn around and talk all kinds of crap behind your back.

Yes, REALLY Morgon!

March 17, 2012 by tx_girl (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1073

Well, I see that my comments have touched a nerve with you Miss Morgon. Let me begin by saying that you have put your foot in your mouth by basically calling me a back-stabbing friend of these people. When you said that, you pretty much said that my comments were true. Well, I am not a friend of these people, as you are. I have never stepped foot into any of their businesses, nor purchased anything from them, and never has the desire to. Furthermore, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the minimum sentence that Frank was supossed to get was 10 years and he only got 8 years..............he snitched, plain and simple. I have worked in the department of corrections, and I know how sentences get reduced for snitches. Also, anyone who drove down Main Street on Thursday or Friday seen that they were moving out of Frank's and Tan Palace....not an assumption my dear, a FACT! (they were also on the news with this information Friday night) I know that they are trying to tell people that they sold these 2 businesses, but if that is the case, why is it that when the news reporter showed up Thursday night everyone who was helping them move out ran and hid inside the building? Possibly because they are ashamed of the lies they had told or maybe they have something to hide. The locks were changed on these properties, and the sign on the doors states that they are closed, and that another company will be re-opening there. Another FACT! Want another FACT, go to and search the records for Borger, TX and it shows what Frank and Amy had to forfeit where it was located and it also shows that their youngest son was part of this fiasco, since some of the money was taken from him and his mother. Yes, I dare to call them bad parents because they raised their children as part of this drug dealing lifestyle, and also taught them the I'm better than you attitude.
Now, I understand Morgon, that these people are your friends, and true friends stand up for one another. But if you happen to be one of those LUCKY people that used to work for them, do you really think that they are going to stand by your side (or anyone elses) when the IRS comes to you asking why you didn't pay taxes on the money received? I highly doubt it. So, before you try telling someone to "SHUT YOUR MOUTH" why don't you sit back, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, and think about what's really going on. Because I can promise you that this situation is far from being over with. The court cases may be almost over with, but the IRS still has many people to chat with, as does the State Comptroller of Texas. With all of this being said, have a nice day :)

your friend morgon

March 17, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1071

Since you have already told us you are one of Amy's former employees in another post....would you like to tell us what you think about everybody who was paid cash....were you one of them? Guess we will know when they knock on your front door....Have a nice day and that will be all...


March 17, 2012 by Twister (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1068

Go ahead and drive by Frank's Flooring. It is closed and the building is empty. New signs say that it will reopen as Witt Flooring soon. So tx_girl does not need to "shut her mouth".

It is amazing what you can find out when one of your long time friends is an investigator for the IRS. They are in Borger following the money trail. Seems as though that employees of Frank's and Amy Lynn's were paid in cash. No taxes were withheld or reported to the IRS. Lots of income tax, social security and medicare taxes are owed by the owners and the employees and the IRS wants it. Also the car that one of the employees is currently driving that was given to her by Amy is also considered income for the employee and the IRS wants the income tax that is owed. Many of these employees either did not file tax returns or filed fraudulant returns. Bad news for these people,

Oh, and the source at the IRS said that none of this was a secret and that it would not matter if this information was made public.


March 17, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1070

I hope they hang these people with all of this...You tell me how these people own over 1 million dollars in property...How did they pay over 5000.00 tax on one of those properties while the owner is in jail....I have been through the tax records...I wanna know why one of the wives involved wasn't busted...some of the houses they are confiscating are also HUD houses...and then the people that own OJ's live in a 200 plus thousand dollar home...
I hope they take the entire family down and everything that they have...Keep us posted

yes really!!!!!

March 17, 2012 by yourfriendmorgon (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1069

For your information I know it's closed down, but it was not taken away people!!! It was their decision to SELL IT! It had nothing to do with the IRS and anybody else!! That's why I say don't ASSUME. Geez people do they need to show everyone the Bill of Sale??? But then again they shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone. And no it wasn't sold to pay fines because I'm sure that's the next thing you all will say. A word if advice try not to break your necks by staring so hard next time you pass by there.

real reason

March 19, 2012 by hard2follow (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1092

stay tuned everyone, the truth comes out eventually....with these folks there is ALWAYS a backup plan or a hidden agenda, give it some time and we'll see what this "voluntary sale" is really about...all part of their 'ulterior motive' poor young& naive.


March 17, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1067

I don't have to assume...Let's figure this out....Hmmmmmmmmm....big yellow banners that we are not going out of business....Hmmmmmmmm....would going out of business have anything to do with the IRS and State Comptroller? Let's see...Using Amy's words, and I quote???? Do you know who I am??? Well if we didn't we know now...Let's see how she struts her stuff when she gets to Federal Prison...I assure you that anything I say on here I can sure repeat it to them....She is a disgrace to the word Mother....She won't be so fly down there...And furthermore....she found out she wasn't above the law and I hope that the IRS and State Comptroller take everything that this entire family owns....I assure you nobody has forgotten her letter a couple of years ago or her whole attitude about...Funny how she plead guilty....So before you tell people to shut their mouth...Take your own advice....Let's see what they get taken away next....And that will be all...

more like 2beclueless

March 16, 2012 by hard2follow (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1061

It's always amusing to listen to someone preach about why people do drugs when they have NO CLUE! there are many different circumstances that lead to peoples drug use, it doesn't always reflect on someones messed up childhood, or daddy leaving or nagging spouse...or any pain to be masked. Do your homework before you run your trap about it. it's about as funny as the comment made before stating if there wasn't people who did drugs to begin with, then the fernandez clan wouldn't have had people to sell it to. gosh, if stores would just refused to sell alcohol, then we wouldn't have alkie's or so many alcohol related accidents either...I guess it has nothing to do with having this thing called SELF-CONTROL! common sense people...use it!

moving on out!!!!

March 15, 2012 by tx_girl (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1059

Just noticed that they are moving everything out of Frank's Flooring and Tan Palace. I guess the signs they put up saying "We're Still Open" jinxed them. This gets more interesting everyday.

Moving on out

March 16, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1064

It is my understanding that the IRS and State Comptroller has stepped in and taken Frank's Floor Covering and Tan Palace and they have to be out by 5 p.m. today. Amazing how these people own more than 1 million dollars worth of property...Keep watching I think the show is going to get more interesting each and every day....

The sentencing

March 15, 2012 by 2thecoldhearted (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1053

Why would so many be so excited and happy that these few people got so much time in a federal prison? Do you know that the ones that got the federal prison sentences have families too? Why are people so glad to add heartache to injury on these people. They are going to suffer for what they have done but, i know that God has His Hand on them as well as others. What happened to the "pray ye one for another and bear ye one anothers burdens" as God has asked us to do. Nowhere in the Word have i ever read does it say to be glad at the hurt of others and to crucify others in the court of public opinion and their families. Yes, people of Hutchinson County, these individuals have families that are suffering i am quite sure and all this being said against them in the manner it is being delivered is rather cruel. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. SO, if all you mean hearted ones gossips need to drop this stones in your hands and lend a hand to broken hearted and less fortunate than yourselves and quit hating the sinner, but, hate the sin and you might ask yourselves where their pain comes from. The drug are usually only a mask for the pain in someones life. Which came first the addition or the pain and what and who caused the pain that led to the addiction. WHERE ARE THE MOTHERS AND DADDYS ? where are they and what is their part in the addictions. We all need to check ourselves and be more kind and show more lover and support to one another .

The Sentencing

March 15, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1056

Why would so many people be happy and excited about the Fernandez' getting so much time....Are you for real? They aren't getting enough time.They weren't too concerned about their families when they were wheeling and dealing the drugs. They turned their noses up and thought they were better than the average person who lives in Hutchinson County.Heartache, you have to have a heart to feel heartache and last time I heard,Amy is as heartless as they come. So you want to talk about how they are suffering, give me a break.
They need to pay for what they have done and most likely will continue to do once they serve their time. Think about that one.

So what you are saying is we

March 15, 2012 by bereal (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1055

So what you are saying is we need to leave these people alone or we are cold hearted? What about their coldheartedness? They ruthlessly poured cocaine and meth into our community, insisting that their lousy little businesses that were most likely losing money proved they were assets to the community, laundering money and breaking laws as if they were above the law. You want to read something cruel and cold, go look up Amy's editorial that she used drug money to pay the Amarillo paper to run.

This live and let anyone with a familly live attitude is why hutchinson county needed help from the outside. The idea that a citizen's worth is based on who their familly is and their standing in the community and church is absurd. That someone who quotes the bible and gives a tiny portion of their proceeds from illegal activities to their church and school sports programs is more desirable in our community than the people whose lives they have helped destroy is disgusting. Sit in on a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Listen to the grandmothers who can not go to the store for fear they will bump into a dealer. It is not as easy as just saying no for them. Or the mothers who have lost their children because the dealers come knocking on their door or hang around their jobs.

I only have so much sympathy. I will take pitty on those whose lives have been ruined, some I have known personally. I will not show any remorse for the self proclaimed king and queen of the Borger Chamber of Commerce. The Fernandez familly montra has always been "Do you know who I am?" Yeah, we know who you are.


March 15, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1057

Could you share where you found the story about Amy Fernandez. I would love to read it but can't seem to locate it....Thank you...

It was not about Amy. It was

March 16, 2012 by bereal (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1063

It was not about Amy. It was written by Amy. Back in, I believe and someone will correct me if I am wrong, 2009 rumors were going around that the DEA were looking at them. Amy wrote a scathing editorial for the Borger paper that they published at no charge. In it she basically said that anyone that believed that their fortunes were not the result of hard work and excellent management needed to shut their mouths. That these unfounded rumors about drug dealings were going to ruin the lives of good people. It was a pretty long rant about what great citizens they were and how everyone was just jealous of their greatness. I believe she also added that she would stop contributing so much time and money to the community if the rumors did not stop. Amy tried to get the Amarillo globe to run it too. Instead she wound up having to buy a quarter page ad. Rumor was she paid cash for it.

Being that it was an ad you will not be able to find it in the Amarillo paper archives, and the Borger paper does not put editorials on line. I wish I had held on to it. It was actually quite humorous. And if the DEA was not already looking at them, her little piece of literature would have definitely piqued their interest.

It will be interesting to see

March 14, 2012 by bereal (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1049

It will be interesting to see who ends up in cuffs next. Frank and Amy got such light sentences they must have shared enough information and turned over evidence on some important people in the community. Keeping in mind that the DEA came to Hutchinson county after numerous complaints made to Texas Rangers that law enforcement was turning a blind eye to what was so obvious. Shortly afterwards Amy wrote those "shut your mouth" editorials. Wonder who told them that the state and feds were starting to show an interest. Borger PD was left out of the DEA investigation for a reason.

Fritch responded to the DEA presence by replacing most of their police and actually busting meth cook houses that everyone knew were there. Way to go Chief Coker. Borger has responded by rounding up a few of the best known end users, turning some of them into informents so they could bust more end users. What a joke. They haven't busted a single dealer.

Light Sentence

March 14, 2012 by Twister (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1048

The following is taken from the Federal Sentencing Guideline Manual. This may help explain why Frank got much less prison time than most think that he deserved.

Reductions in time to be served
There can be substantial assistance that can be grounds for significant reductions in federal criminal justice sentences in the United States. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and U.S. Sentencing Guidelines require that the prosecution file a motion allowing the reduction. The court is not required to grant the reduction, and may decline to do so if it deems the information provided by the defendant to be untruthful, incomplete, unreliable, insignificant, not useful, or untimely. The Guidelines provide, "Substantial weight should be given to the government’s evaluation of the extent of the defendant’s assistance, particularly where the extent and value of the assistance are difficult to ascertain."[14][15]

Justice bought?

March 13, 2012 by gan (not verified), 3 years 30 weeks ago
Comment: 1044

Twister I guess I hope you are right. I think it is BS that the minions of the Fernandez family will do more time than they will. We see how well Frank took care of his. Scott got 45 months more than he did? Guess the buck must still buy something. I suppose it will be interesting to see how Jose will fare from this. Looks like the boys will get the house in the NEW ghetto by the country club

Light Sentence

March 13, 2012 by Twister (not verified), 3 years 30 weeks ago
Comment: 1043

It is obvious that Frank has "rolled over" on someone higher up the food chain than himself. That information has a way of becoming public and those that have been snitched on almost always seek retribution. He will have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulders to see who is following him. Even in prison these people have ways of getting to you. Even the minions that were street sellers for him got more prison time than he did. Frank may have snitched on his brothers, but that would not be enough for him to get less than the Federal sentencing guidelines mandate. He obviously has provided information to the Feds that they think they can use to prosecute bigger drug dealers than he has been.

Also now it is the IRS's turn to work this family over. The IRS will want the taxes on all of this money that was dug up out of the backyards hidden in plastic sewer pipe. The IRS never forgets and this family will spend the rest of their lives paying the taxes, penalties and interest. Tax evasion at this magnitude can also carry prison sentences. If Frank and Amy signed tax returns understating their income significantly, even if the income came from illegal drug dealing or gambling, they will be prosecuted for tax evasion.

light sentence

March 13, 2012 by tx_girl (not verified), 3 years 30 weeks ago
Comment: 1045

This sentence is practically nothing, Frank turned on his own brothers. So obviously blood IS NOT thicker than water in this situation. This was Frank's drug business from the beginning, but he placed the entire blame on his brothers. Frank, you are a HORRIBLE older brother, and you and your wife are horrible parents too, for involving your kids in this. He got less than the minimum sentence, and this is flat sickening. I do hope that the IRS comes in and audits them.

I would like to know that how is it that the property that is scheduled to be seized at 328 and 330 N. Main, was opened as a meat market a couple of weeks ago.

As for David Escobar, it is a little odd that he was to be sentenced to a minimum of 5 years, but yet he gets 3 years of probation, come on now, he was obviously ratting people out also.

When sentences like this are handed down, there is no wonder that people have no faith in the justice system. Before this entire case is closed, I hope that Borger PD is investigated for letting this happen for so many years, while they ignored it.

In regards to the meat market

March 14, 2012 by stella11 (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1051

The couple that recently opened up the meat market purchased that building from someone else..that building no longer belonged to the Fernandez's

In regards to the meat market

March 15, 2012 by Twister (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1060

So the Fernandez family sold someone some property that has now been seized by the Federal Court? The court did not approve the seizure until Tuesday. Sounds like the "couple" who purchased that building is going to be left holding an empty bag that once had money in it. How soon does the meat market close?

Tax Records Show...

March 15, 2012 by to_be_honest (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1052

According to the Hutchinson County Appraisal District at 2:47 p.m. today...328 and 330 North Main are owned by ANTHONY AND TYLER FERNANDEZ...THE SAME AS IT HAS BEEN

Appraisal Records

March 15, 2012 by hard2follow (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1054

FYI- They are not updated on a daily basis. After sale is complete, it could still show prior ownership for several months - even could take till the end of that tax year to change over in the system...don't jump the gun!


March 14, 2012 by frehoma (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1047

Well done,Just not a long enough sentence.


March 17, 2012 by Lanalane (not verified), 3 years 29 weeks ago
Comment: 1076

Are you frekkinn kidding me . Frank was facing life and got 100 months .Amy had 10 years and got 10 months WTF Money Talks and Bull s&&& Walks ... If it would have been an actual person that worked and tried to do right life no frekkin doubut but being they had the bpd in there pockets maybe that is why the town got scared .so glad I moved

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