Farmer’s Market set to begin tomorrow

The Hutchinson County Farmer’s Market is set to begin tomorrow morning!The market will be set up every Friday through the remainder of the summer from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. or sooner if farmers sell out.The market will be located in the 500 block of Weatherly (one block east of Main Street).The market is open to all community buyers and sellers. Stands will consist of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, homemade jams, breads, and assorted fruit juices. The Hutchinson County Farmer’s Market is hoping to grow in its second year to provide consumers with an option to buy their vegetables fresh, according to Sandra Duke, Texas AgriLife Extension Service agent for Hutchinson County.“We have plenty of space for vendors, so we encourage individuals with large gardens or farmers to join the Farmer’s Market this year,” she said.The farmer’s market is going to make a effort to provide the people of Borger with fresh food and also allow the customer the opportunity to talk to the person growing their food and ask questions about any of the growing processes that may be of interest to them. About the market, Duke said, “It is a good way for people to talk to the farmers especially for any one who has allergies.” She added, “This will also be a great way for someone to simply be shown how to pick the right watermelon.” All farmers interested in selling their home grown food will need to pay a yearly membership fee of $50 or $100 depending on if they are a home or commercial grower. Also the daily booth rental fees range to $10-$25 depending on the type of farmer, with all farmers responsible for their booth and supplies.According to Duke, at this time there will not be a need to obtain any sort of a permit. However, the food will have to be approved by the area’s health department inspector before being sold to any civilian. This will be a non-profit food selling corporation, so any other items vendors desire to sell that are not food related will be rejected until it becomes a establishment and large enough to file for certification. Even though this is the market’s second year, there is plenty of hope for it to become a big success, with more sellers to provide different sources of food items with large varieties and quantities. For more information contact George Howard, who will serve as the marketmanager, at 806-236-1570, or Sandra Duke at 806-878-4026.