Facts clarified regarding Huval incident on March 4

The Borger News Herald would like to correct details given in regards to the incident involving Gregory Louis Huval, II. The original story states, “A high speed chase occurred on Highway 136 last Saturday involving a robbery suspect.” According to Chief Deputy James Qualls of the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office, the original article states, “An arrest was made by Fritch Police Department on March 3, 2012 after a robbery occurred. The individual, Greg Huval, Jr., was headed towards Fritch going 110 MPH after he attempted a robbery. The driver crashed in a ditch by the Creek Bar and was then arrested.” Captain Aaron K. McWilliams’s report states, ”On March 4, 2012 at approximately 0140 hours I observed the suspect vehicle fail to signal a lane change from the exterior lane to the interior lane on Highway 136 near Golf Road. The vehicle was traveling westbound towards Fritch.” He continued to say, “The vehicle accelerated to a high rate of speed and continued westbound. The vehicle continued to accelerate and when I passed the intersection of FM 1319 and Highway 136, the vehicle was already passing Meadowlark Hill. I radioed Fritch Officer Radney and advised I was attempting to stop the vehicle and further the vehicle was pulling away from me. I was not gaining any ground on the vehicle and when I approached Windsong, the vehicle was passing the Westlawn Cemetery.” Radney advised McWilliams the vehicle was clocked at 111 MPH and was on the western end of Antelope Creek near North Antelope Creek Road. Radney then radioed the vehicle was attempting to stop and advised the vehicle had crashed. McWilliams said, “Upon my arrival on scene, Gregory Huval was out of the vehicle, and was lying prone along the south side of the vehicle. The vehicle appeared to have slid several hundred feet in the bar ditch before coming to a stop. I observed no damage to the vehicle as a result of the sliding. “I placed Huval into custody and transferred custody to Radney, as he had the radar lock of the excessive speed.” McWilliams continued to say Huval did see his lights, but didn’t think he was trying to stop him. According to the Hutchinson County Jail records, Huval was arrested on three accounts including evading arrest with a vehicle, DWLI (driving while license invalid), and possession of drug paraphernalia.