Event Center committee continues exploring possibilities

The committee doing in-depth research into the possibility of bringing an air conditioned and heated event center to Hutchinson County is still at work on the project. The idea was brought to the table in April of 2010 and is taking on new life as progress is being made.“The search committee was formed in an effort to validate whether an event center would work here,” said committee chair Mark Mitchell.The facility would contain a 7,100 square foot exhibition hall and would include a banquet room seating 250. Being climate controlled will allow events to utilize the facility year around, added committee member, Patty Kasch. Out-of-county events would help fund the center as well as bring added revenue into the county.Mitchell continued, “This would be one more way to improve the quality of life in Hutchinson County. The event center would be open to the county for whatever people want to use it for.”The City of Borger is now home to a good number of fine hotels and motels, a drawing card in itself for events to use the facility, committee members explained.Beverly Benton of the Borger Chamber of Commerce added, “The event center can be very good for this community but none of us want to do anything that is economically unfeasible for our community.” As a result, the committee is gearing up to do a feasibility study before proceeding with definite plans.The Borger Economic Development Corporation has secured land which has been allocated to the event center, explained Leon Roberts, committee member. Potential donors may be approached to help fund the project but, Mitchell added, “We feel the city is the prime candidate for ‘ownership’ because it would receive the sales tax revenue.”Upkeep of the center could be managed through interlocal agreements between city and county entities, explained committee member Jerry Hefner.Robert Vinyard said the center could be used for craft shows, family and school reunions, youth association events and winter sports events. “It’s got to be community friendly,” he stressed. Other events could include moto-cross, concerts, graduations, chili cookoffs, dog shows, tractor shows, livestock shows and equine shows.Event center committee members include Mark Mitchell, Patty Kasch, Robert Vinyard, Jerry Hefner, Beverly Benton, Jud Hicks, Shawna Lamb and Leon Roberts.