Demolition of old hospital building progressing

Although the date has not been set, the demolition of the 200 S. McGee property is progressing and should begin within the next week. The general contractor JE Dunn has selected A and R demolition for this part of the project. Complete demolition is still pending the separation of steel and usable material from remaining structure and construction debris. Usable materials will be removed from the area, before structural demolitions starts. All utilities are in the process of being cut and capped. Demolition will begin on the one story area and work towards the three stories. All asbestos has been identified and removed. If additional hazardous material is discovered during demolition, the process will be halted until all material is removed from the area. Demolition debris will be removed on a daily basis and recyclable materials will continue to be set aside. Each day’s work will stop at a save location, for example at a load bearing wall, to ensure building safety throughout the project. Safe working procedures will not be compromised to obtain recyclable debris.When demolition is complete, the site where the previous hospital stood will be brought up to grade and at that time the District will explore all options for selling that land. Bricks from the structure will be set aside and available for $10 apiece. Proceeds from the memorial bricks will benefit the Waggoner Foundation.