Council makes zoning board appointments

The Borger City Council has made appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.During its regular meeting Tuesday, the council approved a resolution reappointing Mike Blansett and Gene Gallegos to another regular term, appointing James Baker, alternate member, to regular member status; reappointing Brad Carpenter to alternate member status, and appointing Dale Gallaspy as a new alternate member. The terms will expire June 30, 2014.The Zoning Board of Adjustment is a seven-member board with five regular members and two alternates. It hears appeals from citizens in regards to administrative decisions and zoning variances. The board has limited judicial authority and can compel attendance and testimony. The board’s decision may only be appealed to the district court.The appointment of members to this board is by resolution. The board was set to lose four members due to the expiration of their terms and these members were eligible to serve again. The board also lost one member due to resignation.The names of Gallaspy and Joe Raper were submitted to fill the vacant alternate position. Each expressed an interest in serving. However, neither was in attendance at the meeting to state why they would be interested in doing so.After some consideration, the council voted for Gallaspy to take the vacant spot. However, council member Brandy Callahan noted that she would like to see that if two citizens are vying for a position on a city-related board, they should be in attendance at the council meetings to give their reasons why. Mayor Brain said he would take that under consideration.