Council approves alley paving project

The Borger City Council has approved an alley paving project in the University Heights area.During its regular meeting Tuesday, the council approved the establishment of an escrow account for the alley paving of Lots 1-18, Block 6, University Heights.Kenneth Petr, Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Borger, said Starla Buchanan has requested the establishment of this account for the property owners in this area for the project.The estimated cost of the materials to install 1 1/2” asphalt 10 feet wide in the alley is $3,195. The full amount has to be on deposit before the project will be scheduled.Mayor Jeff Brain said this is a program that is great for Borger residents. All the neighbors in an area can pick up the total cost of paving an alley, and the City of Borger will cover the costs for labor.“All we ask is for citizens to pay for the materials,” he said. “It makes for nice alleys. It’s a great program. We encourage everyone to get involved.”In other business, the council approved the final reading of an ordinance removing West Street as a one-way street.Ted Dodd, Director of Public Works for the City of Borger, said that in 1997, West Street was made a one-way street from Sterling to Harrington in order to prevent buses and cars from conflicting when dropping off and picking up school children at Gateway Elementary.The street has remained one-way since that time. However, Dodd said there is no longer a need for the street to remain that way.The department sent letters to all residents on West Street asking for comments. One person who responded asked that the street be left alone. However, most wanted the street to return to two-way status.He said the department contacted Borger ISD Superintendent Chance Welch and asked for input. Welch indicated that the district does not have any objections to returning West Street to two-way traffic.The council also acted on filling vacancies on the Planning and Zoning Commission. The board consists of seven members. The terms of two regular members have expired and they are eligible to serve again.Jesse Shuffield and June Voigt, who fill those spots, were asked if they would be willing to serve again, and both said they would. Both were approved for another term. Shuffield is the design engineer for Xcel Energy and Voigt is a realtor for Town & Country Realtors.Action was taken on the appoint/re-appointment of two board members and one resident board member to the Housing Authority Board of Directors.The terms for three board members have expired, Garry Hannon, Linda Chisholm, and Doris True. Chisholm and True expressed a desire to serve again. However, Hannon said he is quite busy and would like to give someone else the opportunity to serve.The Housing Authority recommended that Marvin Spencer replace Hannon on the board. His appointment as a regular board member was recommended, along with True’s reappointment as a regular board member and Chisholm as a resident board member.