Comanches fall to Booker in Battle of the Tribes

The West Texas Comanches have lost their last two games at the free throw line. The last game was lack of visits to the line vs many for the other team, and last night was close to being a rerun. The game was close from the tip off with fourteen lead changes and the score was tied four times. In the fourth quarter, the Comanches were trailing by two, when several “missed calls” by the officials and a technical foul on WT’s coach for voicing his opinion about the accuracy of the calls. After the “T”, the team was forced to foul to stop the clock. Booker went 6-8 at the line and WT couldn’t score and fell to the Kiowas 59-47.The game was another quick moving contest. The lead changed hands three times and it was tied once. Alex Ramirez and Chase Elliott popped treys for WT. Ty Lay sank a bucket from the post position and Austin Ivy was 1-2 at the line. Booker slung up an ugly shot at the buzzer that somehow went in to take an 11-9 edge at the end of one.Ramirez and Elliott both had bucket. Justin Holmberg made a basket covered up in Kiowas and was fouled. He completed the “and one” play at the line. Nathan Forrest made a desperation three off the glass at the buzzer. WT trailed 25-20 at half time.Forrest began the third with another trey. He added a bucket with and “and one” at he foul line and was 1-2 another trip to the line. Ramirez added a bucket and a free throw as did Holmberg. Ramirez hit Carlos Juarez with a nice pass for a lay up and Lay was 1-2 at the line. The score was tied three times and the lead changed hands three times. WT trailed 39-36 at the end of three.The closes the Comanches ever got in the final period was two, 45-47 with 2:20 remaining in the game. After that, the wheels fell off the cart for West Texas. The loss gives them a 1-5 District record and 17-10 overall.Ramirez had a double double with 15 points, 11 rebounds, three steals, and four blocked shots. Forrest scored 11 points, four boards, and 2 steals. Holmberg had 6 points and 4 rebounds. Elliott scored 5 points, had 1 board, and a steal. Spencer St. Charles had 2 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Ivy had 3 points and Juarez 2.