Clarendon College returns to WJCAC basketball play next season

The Clarendon College Bulldog Basketball Teams are making a return to compete in the toughest junior college conference in the nation next year.“After approval from the National Junior College Athletic Association as well as the Western Junior College Athletic Conference, and with final approval from the Clarendon College Board of Regents, the basketball programs will move to NJCAA Division I competition starting next year,” CC Athletic Director John Green said. “I am thrilled we are making this move back into DI status.”Some of the reasons for this move include that during the last three years there has been a reduction of DII programs in close proximity to Clarendon College. To remain DII would have required a lot more travel and overnight stays. The closest DII basketball college was farther away than the farthest WJCAC DI basketball college.“The level of competition our teams were forced to play included way too many JV teams,” Green said. “We had lost our identity as being one of the toughest home court advantages in NJCAA DI competition. We will return to the glory days of the conference games.”The conference, region and nation have lit up over the Bulldog return to DI competition.“Personally, I think Clarendon College’s return to NJCAA Division I Basketball and to the WJCAC Basketball schedule is outstanding,” Conference President Dr Steve McCleery states. “Once again, the WJCAC basketball teams are complete. I commend the Clarendon College Administration and Athletic Department for their commitment to excellence. Thank you Clarendon College.”Conference schedules will be coming out next week and the coaches will build the season schedule around them.