City hopes “going green” will save a little green

By continuing to go green in its cleanup efforts, the City of Borger is hoping to save its customers a little green in the process.The city has accepted 72 green lawn waste dumpsters to augment those that are already in service.Jason Anderson, who is the city’s solid waste collection supervisor, said the dumpsters will be used to help divert lawn waste from the landfill, which will reduce the overall cost of solid waste service.“Each ton of waste has to be paid for out of the general fund,” Anderson said. “If we can keep the overall costs of solid waste service lower, we can keep the price to the customer lower.”The dumpsters were partially funded through a grant program from the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). Those grant monies are collected by charging landfills a fee for each ton of waste that is received.The TCEQ grant came out to $14,000, which was a little less than 50 percent of the cost of the dumpsters. The City of Borger matched the grant and added a little extra to cover the costs of the 72 dumpsters.This is the third lawn diversion grant the City of Borger has received over the last four years. Previous grants provided for green dumpsters and green polycarts.For additional information on the program or any of the City of Borger’s recycling efforts, call Solid Waste Superintendent David Arthur at 806-273-0977.