City of Borger has record breaking temperature

With hot weather continuing to be a constant in the area, the City of Borger saw a record-breaking temperature Monday.The report from the National Weather Service was a temperature of 108 degrees, which breaks the previous record of 103 degrees, set back in 1958.Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards said he has been baffled by the recent conditions in the area.“It has been strange weather that we’ve been having,” he said.He said there were a couple of incidents that occurred yesterday in the midst of the extremely hot conditions, one being a large grass fire near the City of Panhandle.“[There was] a big concern for firefighter safety in terms of heat conditions and the fighting of the fire,” Richards said.The American Red Cross was on scene to provide aid and water to those fighting the fires.The other incident that arose was a power outage at the government housing in Borger, which occurred at 5:15 p.m. Monday afternoon. Richards said there was concern for people living in that area.The City of Borger activated its emergency plan after receiving news and made an air-conditioned shelter available for residents of the housing. However, with the power being restored around 6:20 p.m., Richards said the plan didn’t have to go into full operation.He said he is hoping for some relief today, but that the city and area is dealing with unusual weather, and will have to take it day by day.Jose Garcia of the National Weather Service said some relief should be in order for the City of Borger today.“A front has come into the area, so hopefully it should be 10-15 degrees cooler,” he said.