City of Borger gearing up for park rec program

With summer on the horizon, the City of Borger is gearing up for its park recreation program.The program will run from June 4 through July 27, 2012. Annadon Keys, director of the Johnson Park Youth Center, said that parents and guardians need to bring their children with them to the JPYC when signing them up for park recreation. Forms need to be read and signed by the parent/guardian as well as the child, and a picture is taken of each child for safety reasons. There will be a variety of activities offered to local children who participate in this year’s program. The children are taken to the JPYC to enjoy the youth center and gym on Mondays, and they get to swim in the pool at the center on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesday, the children will go skating and on Fridays, the group will go to the movies, bowling, or take part in other fun events. The children are asked to bring $3 on Wednesday to cover the skating and also on Fridays to cover bowling or the movies.Each child is provided a snack at each facility they are taken to, which is paid for by the City of Borger, along with donations from the community.“Hutchinson County Cares makes a donation to the Park Recreation Program so that we can invite children from Fritch and Stinnett for no charge,” Keys said. “We live in a wonderful community that reaches out to the children of Park Recreation. It is true, it takes a village to raise a child.”The children are also fed lunch and a snack through a grant with the Borger Independent School District.Keys said the city has a wonderful staff for the children of park recreation. She said Sharon Lowery is the park recreation manager and does an amazing job with the children who participate in the program.“We strive to hire good role models for our children at park recreation, because everyone needs a good role model,” she said. “The staff interacts with the children, from playing kickball to painting fingernails.”She said the park recreation program is a big win/win for the community by helping the children have a fun and safe summer, and it keeps them off the streets and possibly out of trouble.“The Johnson Park Youth Center and the Park Recreation Program are my passion because you never know when you may make a difference in a child’s life,” Keys said.The program will have a new bus route that goes to 50 different stops, so children will not have to walk very far to get to their bus stop. The children are given white bracelets if they do not ride the bus, and green, yellow, or red bracelets depending on the bus that they are riding to help stop any confusion on the child’s part as to which bus they are to ride.When a child is signed up for the program, each will be given a signed bracelet from the JPYC telling the bus driver that they are signed up and all their paperwork is completed. The children will not be allowed into the program at the park or bus route without the signed bracelet.The yellow bus stops will be as follows: 8:01- Cofield Park, 8:03- Baker and Turner, 8:04- Yows and Turner, 8:05- North Cofield Park (Haggard and Finger), 8:08 - Finger and Clayton, 8:12- Coble and Potter, 8:13- Hughes Pitts Park, 8:14- Valley Dr. and Andress Park, 8:15- 5th and Harvey, 8:17- 6th and California, 8:18- California, 8:23- Keller Park, 8:25- Santa Fe and Tech, 8:28- Evergreen and Garrett, 8:29- Evergreen and Bluebonnet, 8:30 -Crockett School (Bus Loading Lane), 8:31- Gateway School (Bus Loading Lane), 8:32- Huber and Wisconsin, 8:35- Huber ParkThe red bus stops will be as follows: 8:00- Birdie and Fairway, 8:02- 315 Clubhouse, 8:03- 201 Clubhouse, 8:04- Coble and Potter, 8:07- Latimer and Bagwell Park, 8:08- Boyd and Hazelwood, North Gateway Park; 8:10- Old Gateway School, 8:11- Dillard and Coffee, 8:12- Elmore and Harrington, 8:13- Elmore and Keith Park, 8:15- Elmore and Western Park, 8:18- Sterling and O’Daniel, 8:20- Paul Belton School (Bus Lane), 8:22- McGee and 5th, 8:27- First Baptist Church, 8:30- Wilson and Hedgecoke, 8:35- Huber ParkThe green bus stops will be as follows: 8:01- Huber Ave. and Wisconsin, 8:08- Adobe Apartments (Mail Boxes), 8:10- Fairlanes Church, 8:11- Philview and Pecan (La Mirage Apartments), 8:15- Bunavista Baptist Church, 8:20- Bunavista (Round Park), 8:21- Broadmoor and Salina, 8:30- Huber Park Keys said she and her staff are eagerly anticipating the start of this year’s program.“We are all ready and excited to start a new year of park recreation,” she said. “I would like to thank everyone who has helped make our program what it is today. Please keep our facilities, children, programs, and staff in your thoughts and prayers for another exciting, fun and safe year.”To find out more about this year’s park recreation program or to get your child signed up, call Keys at 231-8979, the JPYC at 275-9014, or go by the center, located on Bulldog Boulevard north of the Hutchinson County Aluminum Dome.