City approves demo agreement with county

The City of Borger has approved an interlocal agreement with Hutchinson County for the demolition of structures outside of city limits.The agreement was approved by the Borger City Council at its regular meeting Monday. Under the terms of the agreement, the council approved action for staff to review the costs of such demolitions and make adjustments as necessary.Ted B. Dodd, Director of Public Works for the City of Borger, said the city's Building Standards Department currently employs one man whose task it is to demolish buildings and transport that demolition waste to a landfill for disposal.The employee utilizes a wheeled loader for the demolition part of that mission, as well as a tractor trailer and roll-offs. “The City demolition program has been very successful and the experience has given the City certain efficiencies which the County would like to utilize,” Dodd said.Staff from the City of Borger and Hutchinson County met to work a way which the city could help the county demolish buildings outside the city limits much like it does inside the corporate limits. The agreement is the culmination of those meetings.Dodd said the city demolishes buildings at a slower rate than in the past because of legal issues, but the pace will soon increase as procedures have been streamlined and legal hurdles overcome. He said the city will see some revenue from the demolitions, but it will be mostly a wash.“The effort was to work an agreement so we could utilize county resources as well and to keep everything equally acceptable,” he said.