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Caller receives reward for Whitmire tip

June 4, 2012

The Crime Stoppers has decided to reward an individual who called in a tip leading to the arrest of Matthew Whitmire.
Lt. Anthony Griffn of the Borger Police Department said that during the regular Crime Stoppers board meeting in the month of May, the board unanimously voted to award $1,000 to the anonymous individual who called in the tip to Crime Stoppers regarding the whereabouts of this individual, leading to his arrest. The money was later awarded to this person.
Whitmire was arrested in early May after a standoff that occurred on Kiekbusch Street. Officers eventually made entry into the residence, locating him and placing him in custody. He was taken into custody on an arrest warrant stemming from ongoing investigations into several car burglaries in the Keeler Heights Addition.
He was also charged with an on-view offense of interfering with the duties of a public servant (Class B Misdemeanor) during the incident.
As always, Crime Stoppers and the Borger Police Department would like to ask and encourage anyone with knowledge or information in reference to any Unsolved Investigation and Crime; any type of Criminal Activity; and / or Outstanding Fugitives from Justice, to contact the Borger Police Department at (806)-273-0930 or Crime Stoppers at (806)-274-6371.
Any and all persons calling in an informational tip to Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous. However, anyone wishing to receive an award in reference to the tip are asked and encouraged to leave a working reliable contact number so that a Crime Stoppers Representative can contact the person at a later date and time in reference to reward information in the event that the tip proves to be a reliable relevant tip. Crime Stoppers offers rewards ranging from $50 up to $1,000 for reliable relevant tips and information in reference to any Unsolved Investigation and Crime; any type of Criminal Activity; and / or Outstanding Fugitives from Justice.


This is why we need to end

June 6, 2012 by EW.Dyer (not verified), 3 years 12 weeks ago
Comment: 1203

This is why we need to end the "War on Drugs". A 1000$ reward for a crime which will return no funds to the taxpayer in the conviction. I'm sure the savings for those stolen from might total $1000, but now we have $2000 out of the city. Thanks to the person giving the tip, but why not do it to save money? Incentive in these times I'm sure make whoever that might be who turned him in, able to purchase a few more drugs.

Short Sighted View

June 7, 2012 by carrottop (not verified), 3 years 12 weeks ago
Comment: 1204

Ending the war on drugs isn't the issue here. A local citizen was willing to give information to the authorities to get that criminal off of the streets. Saying this program isn't worthwhile is being short sighted.
Don't we, as citizens of Borger, want criminals locked up and put away? I sure as heck do! I don't want someone in my neighborhood breaking into cars, and causing people to be fearful. If the police can get these scum out of our community by rewarding folks for giving information, I'm all for it. (That crimestoppers money usually comes from donations, and not from the city's budget.)
Giving that $1000 reward probably prevented future break-ins. Those break-ins would have caused both citizens and the city additional money.
I'm thankful for that program, and hope it will encourage others to report information they know about criminal activity.

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