Bring your voter card on election day

When voters go to cast ballots in the runoff election on July 31, all they need to have with them is a voter registration card or driver’s license.Jan Barnes, Hutchinson County Clerk, said that voters do not need to have the “special card” that may have been handed out to them when they voted in the May 29, 2012. “If they didn’t vote in the primary, they can still vote in the runoff election,” she said.She said if a person voted Democratic in the primary, they will not be able to vote Republican in the runoff, as party lines cannot be crossed in a runoff election.Those who are not registered to vote at the present time can still do so prior to the runoff election, but the deadline to do so is July 2.A person is eligible to vote if they are a U.S. Citizen, a resident of the county where he or she submits their application, he or she at least 18 years old on election, is not a convicted felon, and has not been declared by a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be either totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote.Those wanting to find out if they are registered to vote can log on to and select one of three methods to perform a search, which are as follows:•A Texas driver’s license number, if provided when a person applied for voter registration•Your voter unique identifier (VUID), which appears on your voter registration certificate•Your first and last nameVoter registration applications can be filled out online, printed, and mailed to the Hutchinson County Voter Registar Mary Lou Henderson, P.O. Box 989, Stinnett 79083.A person is not registered to vote until he or she has filled out the online application, printed it, and mailed it to Henderson.In this year’s runoff election, Republican voters will be casting ballots for Hutchinson County Sheriff (Don Johnson and Mickey Blackmon), U.S. Senate nominee (David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz), Texas Railroad Commissioner nominee (Christi Craddick and Warren Chisum), Texas Railroad Commissioner (Unexpired Term) nominee (Barry Smitherman and Greg Parker), and Justice of the Peace, Place 4 nominee (David Medina and John Devine).Democratic voters will be casting ballots for a U.S. Senate nominee (Paul Sadler and Grady Yarbrough).For more information on getting registered to vote, contact Henderson at 878-4005. For more information on the runoff election, contact Barnes at 878-4002.