BPD, Juvenile Probation tackling graffiti problem

Two local departments are coming together to help stop the continual spread of graffiti within the City of Borger.The Borger Police Department and Hutchinson County Juvenile Probation Department have recently teamed up to combat this problem. Gang-related graffiti has become an increasing problem in the city, and the two departments have come with a creative way to stop it, according to Lt. Anthony Griffin of the BPD.“Juveniles who are currently on probation and ordered to perform community service for crimes of graffiti, are now assisting in cleaning up the graffiti,” he said.Under the supervision of Borger Police Officer Terry Webster, juveniles are taken around town and are painting over any and all graffiti that is located. Once it is located, business and home owners are contacted for permission prior to painting over the graffiti located on any private property.“Along with businesses and homes, property belonging to the City of Borger is being cleaned up as well,” Lt. Griffin said.The paint and supplies were provided by the Juvenile Probation Department and the cleanup will continue over the next few weeks. Lt. Griffin said with the rise of graffiti in the city as of late, it will take a team effort between citizens and law enforcement officials to see that it doesn’t continue.“Graffiti has recently become an ongoing problem, and to combat this problem, it will take the vigilance from law enforcement and citizens alike to assist in stopping the desecration to our city by unwanted graffiti,” he said.He said those committing acts of graffiti show a complete and utter lack of respect for themselves and for owners of property that is damaged and vandalized.The BPD encourages anyone that observes and witnesses an individual or individuals committing this act of vandalism to call the department immediately and report the incident. The BPD main dispatch number is 806-273-0930.