Borger Police Report - July 13-15, 2012

Borger Police ReportJuly 13-15, 2012July 13, 20121400 block of Hemlock - report of suspicious activity400 block of Union - parking complaintMain and Wilson - field interview200 block of Estireno - report of habitation burglary200 block of West Tenth - report of suspicious activity1100 block of Everest - alarm800 block of Dixon - welfare check3100 block of Fairlanes - report of criminal mischief800 block of Dixon - welfare check400 block of Tristram - alarm600 block of North Hedgecoke - followup100 block of Chaparral - alarm200 block of Lister - alarm1300 block of South Florida - alarm700 block of Bartush - report of disorderly conduct600 block of Weatherly - followup1400 block of Burch - report of reckless driver (traffic)1200 block of Hazelwood - report of criminal trespass400 block of Beech - report of habitation burglary1100 block of Lindsey - fireworks complaint1300 block of Boyd - report of criminal trespass200 block of West Adams - report of disorderly conduct500 block of Missouri - welfare checkJuly 14, 201211th & Main - field interview200 block of Chaparral - report of disturbanceFlorida and Tristram - report of reckless driver (traffic)600 block of Weatherly - field interview500 block of Missouri - report of suspicious person1200 block of Valley - traffic escort1900 block of Lister - report of recovered property900 block of Parkway - report of criminal mischief1000 block of Thrams - followup900 block of Western - alarm600 block of North Weatherly - report of recovered property200 block of North McGee - traffic escort1600 block of South Wilhelm - assist agency1400 block of North Hazelwood - report of disturbance1100 block of North Hedgecoke - report of traffic accident1700 block of Hemlock - alarmBlue Creek - field interview900 block of Nelson - report of disorderly conductFroma and Turner - report of disorderly conduct600 block of Clark, Stinnett - report of reckless driver (traffic)400 block of North Main - bar checkTurner & Yows - report of suspicious vehicleJuly 15, 2012Papa Js - motorist assist1200 block of Lindsey - report of disorderly conduct1100 block of Elmore - alarm400 block of Madison - report of disturbance500 block of North Florida - house/business check1400 block of Finger - report of disorderly conduct1300 block of Boyd - alarm200 block of East Ninth - alarm400 block of North Main - report of assaultNorth 152 behind gov’t apartments - investigation1000 block of Bowman - report of theft1300 block of Baker - report of disorderly conduct400 block of North Main - followupArrests:Neal Edward James, 18, of Amarillo, was arrested for evading arrest/detention.Randy Lee Torres, 31, of Borger, was arrested for public intoxication with three prior convictions.Robey Joe Hunnicutt, 44, of Borger, was arrested for public intoxication.Carlos Renard Jones, 41, of Borger, was arrested on three warrants.