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Borger ISD issues statement regarding balloon incident

April 16, 2012

The Borger Independent School District has issued a statement regarding a balloon incident that occurred at Borger High School prior to spring break.
BISD Superintendent Chance Welch said that since the incident was originally reported, all leads have been thoroughly investigated.
“For the past three weeks, a crime stoppers award has been offered, which resulted in one tip,” he said. “No evidence has been obtained related to the original report.”
Welch said the investigation is ongoing.
Back in March, Roper Cox attended the BISD school meeting on behalf of her son, who was hit with a urine-filled balloon during a water balloon fight at Borger High School.
She said she called the high school and was told the principal would call her back before noon, but her call was not returned.
She went up to the school to speak with him and was told once she arrived that he would call her back before school was out, but again her call was not returned.
Officials at the school administration building told Cox the principal would call her back. The principal told her at first that he was not aware of what had taken place, but later admitted he knew what had happened.
She told the board at the meeting that her son has an autoimmune disease, and the last things he needs is to have other people’s bodily fluids thrown on him.
At the time, board president Robert Bradley assured her the district would handle the incident and it would not be swept under the rug.


if you know who is responsible

April 20, 2012 by sorryboutcha (not verified), 3 years 25 weeks ago
Comment: 1156

If you know who is responsible then share it with the administration. Otherwise, be quiet. The BISD administration has investigated until they are blue in the face.........if there is nothing there, there is nothing there! Obviously some people don't know anything about working in the school. When you offer money for information, students line up to tell. No one has lined up because it didn't happen. Just maybe, maybe, this has been blown out of proportion. Does anyone really think something like this would be swept under the rug????? NO. David Tyson didn't lie, he just didn't remember, anyone who knows him, knows he can't remember what happened five minutes ago let alone two hours. Just saying...........

balloon incident

April 17, 2012 by OuttaTowner (not verified), 3 years 25 weeks ago
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While I completely am appauled that someone would fill a balloon with urine and then throw it on someone else, I am not shocked by it. Unfortunately, these types of so-called "pranks" are all too common among high school, even college students. I honestly believe they typically do not stop to consider the consequences their actions COULD have.
That said, I really am thankful the child hit with the balloon is ok and not injured. I do however, feel this is being taken just a little over board. IF the school knows who is responsible for creating this balloon, Im pretty sure they would repremand that student and follow necessary guidelines to punish him/her. But since I have never heard that they have any knowledge who it is, I really do not see what else can be done.
Please understand, I am not trying to seem insensitive, but what else CAN be done about this. As a parent myself, I understand the anger and fear but the best thing that can be done is thank God that your child is ok, and teach your child about forgiveness.

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