Borger ISD to implement Raptor System

Borger ISD is implementing a new visitor management system in its schools in order to better keep students and staff members safe.Superintendent Chance Welch told the BISD board of trustees Thursday evening that the Raptor System will be implemented in district schools either the week of March 26 or April 2.The Raptor System is capable of replacing manual paper-based logs, and will allow schools and facilities to produce visitor badges, monitor volunteer hours, and electronically check all visitors against registered sexual offender databases.Welch said that the overall goal is to better control access to all schools and provide enhanced protection for students and staff.“It’s one way to keep our campuses safer,” he said.All BISD campuses will be using the Raptor system during regular school hours on all days that the office is open. Campus staff will receive training on visitor check-in procedures and check to ensure that visitors to the campus have a visitor’s badge. Visitors who do not have campus visitor badges with the current date displayed or a school badge will be asked to go to the office. Visitor badges will not be required when parents are dropping off or picking up their child at normal times.When arriving at school, visitors will need to go to the office to sign in. When a visitor arrives, he or she will be greeted and asked for photo identification. This includes driver’s licenses, state ID cards, and green cards.The designated staff member will scan the visitor’s ID and issue a badge with the visitor’s destination if there is no alert indicated on the database.If the visitor does not have an acceptable photo ID available, a campus administrator will assess the situation. If the administrator determines that the visitor is known, the visitor’s information can be manually entered. However, a visitor can be manually entered no more than twice before being denied entry.The visitor will return to the office to check out when leaving the campus and the designated staff person will check the visitor out of the system. Those with questions on the process need to contact their child’s school or the administration office.Welch said the district wants to get this program going as soon as possible.“We wanted to start it this year and work the kinks out,” he said.He also said there are 500 schools across the state that use the Raptor System and have seen great results. The system will track hours of BISD volunteers, and will also contain information on issues pertaining to child custody. If there is a sexual offender that comes up on the system, an e-mail or text will be sent to the principal to make them aware of the situation.