Borger ISD board approves donations

The Borger ISD board approved several donations to the district during its regular meeting Thursday.Two donations were on behalf of Paul Belton Elementary School. The first was an $80 gift from Pizza Duo and the second was a gift of $597 from Paul Belton’s Parent Teacher Organization. The money from the PTO will be used to reimburse the purchase of three Smart Scopes.Another donation was on behalf of Gateway Elementary, and was in the amount of $500 from the BEST PTO. The donation will be used to help replace the popcorn machine for the school.The final donation accepted was from the Borger Soccer Booster Club on behalf of the soccer program. The donation totaled $3,357.In other business, the board approved the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) for 2012-13. Holding voting positions on the council in the upcoming year will be Elia Smith, Parent Involvement Coordinator; Ofelia Linares, Parent Involvement Coordinator; Barbie Schroeder, At-Risk Coordinator; Teresa Bodey, Gateway/Crockett AP; Joy Howard, Child Nutrition; DeDe Conaway, Borger High School Assistant Principal; Kathy Pratt, Paul Belton Nurse; Robyn Ray, Paul Belton Sensory Lab; and Theresa Packebush, Crisis Center.Also holding voting positions will be Maribel Acuna, BHS Parent; Josh Hogue, Crockett Parent; Misty Hogue, Crockett Parent; Suzy Boren, BHS Parent; Rick Nichols, Gateway Parent; Jamie Reeves, Crockett Parent; Jana Baur, Borger Middle School Parent; Cammy Amorella, Paul Belton Parent; Michael Fitzgerald, Paul Belton Parent; and Laurie West, BHS Parent.Holding advisory positions on the board will be Leslie Young, Athletic Director; Abbie Cano, BHS Nurse; Marcy McDonald, Crockett PE; Sandra Spalding, BHS Counselor; Diane Williams, Golden Plains Community Hospital; Suzanne Duvall, Community Member; and Teri Hogue, Community Member.Holding an exofficio position (non-voting) on the council will be Tony McCarthy, Director of Personnel for Borger ISD.BISD Superintendent Chance Welch shared enrollment comparisons with the board. As of October 2012, the district had 2,782 students enrolled, a slight drop from October 2011 when 2,819 students were enrolled.Attendance rates for Borger ISD schools in October were as follows: BHS – 96.01 percent; BMS – 96.59 percent; Borger Intermediate School – 96.20 percent; Paul Belton Elementary – 95.72 percent; Crockett Elementary – 97 percent; and Gateway Elementary – 96.57 percent.As of Oct. 31, 2012, 433 students were enrolled at Paul Belton, 415 students were enrolled at Gateway Elementary, 371 students were enrolled at Crockett Elementary, 173 students were enrolled at Borger Intermediate School, 616 students were enrolled at Borger Middle School, and 774 students were enrolled at Borger High School. There were a total of 77 classroom teachers in the elementary schools and 215 classroom teachers in the secondary schools.Board members in attendance at the meeting were Robert Bradley, president; David Brandon, secretary; Bill Myers, Les Sharp, Dr. Kent Gray, and Diedre Hood. Board vice-president Todd Harris was not in attendance.