Borger Bulldogs square off with Canadian in scrimmage

When the Borger Bulldogs shook hands with the Canadian Wildcats at the end of Saturday morning’s scrimmage, there were several things the ‘Dogs had to feel good about heading to the locker room. However a lot of work still lies ahead of them.The Wildcats opened the scrimmage with the ball and took awhile before their spread could get much going, thanks to good pressure put on Wildcat quarterback Braden Hudson by the Bulldogs defensive line.On their second possession, the Wildcats put together a solid drive deep into Bulldog territory, but would not find the end zone as the Bulldogs came away with an interception. Before their time on offense was over, the Wildcats found the end zone once after a Bulldog safety fell and left an open field for a Wildcat receiver after the catch.It didn’t take long for the Bulldogs to get on the scoreboard during their offensive series, when on the first snap quarterback Jacob Rendon made a great pitch to Ty Brown near the left sideline leading to a long touchdown run.Five minutes later, Brown would not be done making long runs to the end zone as he would break three tackles for a 60-yard touchdown run.The first series showed the Bulldog passing game is still a work in progress, due to a couple dropped balls and timing issues. However, Rendon showed that he has a strong arm that should keep defenses from keying on the Bulldog running game.The Bulldog defense continued to do a good job applying pressure during the Wildcats’ second offensive possession, while the Bulldogs added one more touchdown during their second offensive series when Aaron McKee broke free for a 65 yard touchdown run. As the scrimmage continued, Hudson and the Wildcat receivers started to find a rhythm against a young and tired Bulldog secondary that led to two long touchdown passes followed by two more touchdowns during red zone drills. However, the Bulldogs added two more touchdowns themselves on a Rendon pass to Brown out of the backfield and on a touchdown run by Brown during the Bulldogs’ red zone drills.The Bulldogs will next scrimmage in Hereford on Friday evening before officially opening the 2011 season on Friday, August 26th hosting Randall at 7:30 p.m.