Borger Boys take District 1-3A Golf Title

When looking at the scores of the first three rounds of the District 1-3A Golf Tournament, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Borger Bulldog Varsity team was going to claim the District 1-3A title unless they experienced an monumental collapse.On Monday in Dalhart, the Perryton Varsity team did make things a little interesting in the final round of the district tournament by shooting a 309, just three strokes behind Borger’s 306. However, Borger had no problems claiming the district crown with a four round total of 314-306-338-306-1264 to finish 43 strokes ahead of second place Perryton who had a team total of 1307 for the four rounds.Senior Will Paulsell shot a 70 in the fourth round to finish the tournament with a score of 69-72-78-70-289 to win the overall boys title.Dylan Coffer finished the tournament in third place with scores of 79-74-89-74-316.On the girls’ side, Clarice Myers shot a fourth round 94 which was good enough to earn her the overall girls district title with a four round total of 83-87-98-94-362 to finish five strokes ahead of second place Liz Hoelting of Pampa.With four golfers finishing in the top five, Pampa showed a lot of strength on their way to the district girls’ team title while Borger finished in second place shooting 403-413-439-413-1668.Both the Borger boys and girls golf team will next compete in the 3A Region I Golf Tournament next week in Lubbock.Boys team scores: 1. Borger-314-306-338-306-1264; 2. Perryton 323-330-345-309-1307; 3. Pampa 335-335-365-338-1373; 4. Borger JV-352-347-352-340-1391; 5. Perryton JV-381-393-368-356-1498; 6. Dalhart-403-375-407-351-1536; 7. Pampa JV 449-458-431-395-1733Boys individual leader board: 1. Will Paulsell, Borger 69-72-78-70-289; 2. Hunter Wade, Perryton 77-74-80-74-305; 3. Dylan Coffer, Borger 79-74-89-74-316; 4. Logan Reagan, Pampa 80-74-90-74-318; 5. Zach Allred, Perryton 84-83-81-76-324; 6. Kalynn Samples, Perryton 78-79-95-85-326; 7. Austin Swender, Borger 83-79-87-81-330; 8T. Charlie Conner, Borger 83-81-84-87-335; 8T. **Andrew Flores, Borger 81-89-85-80-335 (qualified for regionals individually) T10. Tyler Sosebee, Borger 85-82-90-81-338; T10. Carter Williams, Borger JV 87-83-88-80-338Other Borger JV Scores: Devan Witt 87-87-86-84-344; Taylor Blewett 94-87-84-90-355; Will Conner 90-90-94-86-360; Kaylor Chatwell 88-94-96-92-370Other Borger players: Billy Haynes 87-78Girls team scores: 1. Pampa 376-390-398-368-1532; 2. Borger 403-413-439-413-1668; 3. Borger JV 510-442-474-412-1838; 4. Pampa JV 490-449-470-436-1845 5. Dalhart 492-481-480-440-1893Girls individual leader board: 1. Clarice Myers, Borger 83-87-98-94-362; 2. Liz Hoelting, Pampa 85-95-101-86-367; 3. Lindsey Brown, Pampa 89-103-98-92-382; 4. Allison Alexander, Pampa 99-96-101-91-387; 5. Sam Kelly, Pampa 103-98-98-99-398; 6. Hali Southall, Borger 100-108-110-104-422; 7. Cori Cook, Pampa 116-101-106-103-426; 8. Desiree Robles, Borger 109-105-113-101-428; 9. Shelby Taylor, Dalhart 107-112-110-101-420. 10. Darrah Blassingame, Borger 110-106-114-104-434 (qualified for regionals individually)Other Borger varsity scores: Morgan Brown 112-113-118-115-458; Haley Montoya 111-118-118-114-461Other Borger JV scores: Madison Virdine 125-108-121-106-460; Jessica Lowery 143-109-111-97-460; Ashley Parvin 118-105Other Borger players: Rayln Dunigan 146-119-140-124-529; Shay Comer 136-137-142-127-542