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Bond set in Fernandez case

November 2, 2011

Wednesday afternoon, bond was set for Francisco "Frank" Fernandez, and Jose Fernandez, Jr., at $50,000 each during arraignment hearing in Amarillo.
Aaron Fernandez had his bond set at $25,000.
All three have been indicted on drug trafficking charges and must take part in the home confinement program and wear an electronic ankle monitoring device.
In addition, travel for the men is restricted, they cannot be around firearms, alcohol or narcotics and they are subject to medical testing.
According to the judge, Frank and Aaron can be released once they are returned to Randall County. Jose can be released once his passport is obtained.
They were taken into custody on October 27, 2011 and incarcerated in the Randall County Jail.
The arraignment for Thomas Salazar is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, November 3rd, at 1:30 p.m. in Amarillo


Bail and other ramblings from a former resident of Borger

November 3, 2011 by richardotcom (not verified), 3 years 48 weeks ago
Comment: 861

Oh no!!! confined to that big house that years and years of drug trafficing (Allegedly) got them, what ever shall they do? This is how the system works tho. They will have their day in court soon, which will be good for all. Innocent till proven guilty and such...

That being said...My question to this whole matter is: Really Borger?? Selling and laying carpet buys Designer clothes, fancy cars, and big houses for everyone....and no one from the "law enforcement" or the "Drug Task Force" (the very folks that are TRAINED to see this stuff) never took notice the goings on there. Not only that, just about everybody in town had some sort of idea that something else was going on...Hell I had a pretty good idea they were selling drugs,(Allegedly) and I don't even know the Fernandez's nor do I do drugs but common sense tells me that when a carpet store owner and his family all drive Jags mazzerattis and escalades and live in a house well above what a carpet shop owner and family can logically afford...SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT...for a town the size of Borger anyhow. DFW or Houston or San Antonio er someplace bigger yea ok, Maybe. But Borger??? Nah...kinda makes me wonder who was on the payroll down at the ole local pd (Allegedly). Stuff like this is why I moved out of Borger years ago. Just one persons opinion shared by many Im sure


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