BISD school officially changes its name

A Borger Independent School District campus has officially changed its name.The campus formerly known as Paul Belton Early Childhood Center has changed its name to Paul Belton Elementary School.The change in name was approved by the BISD Board of Trustees during its regular meeting back in November 2011.At the November meeting, BISD Superintendent Chance Welch said he was approached by Principal Amy Blansett about a possible name change for the school. He said he believed Kindergarten is the new first grade, and that the ages five to seven are critical to a child, because that is when he or she will begin to develop reading strategies in their mind. “We view PBECC as a rigorous academic school where we’re going to help five and six year olds get those strategies and retain that knowledge,” Welch said at that time.He said a lot is expected from Kindergarten students in the district and there was positive feedback from the first grade teachers this year about how well the children did, having moved up from Kindergarten. Welch said this is a pattern he hopes to continue all through high school.He said children are not required by law to go to kindergarten, but once a child does sign up, he or she must meet the 90 percent attendance rate to get credit for being at school. At the November meeting, Blansett said the attendance issues namely pertained to the Headstart three and four year old programs at PBECC, which are half-day programs. She said the school has worked hard to educate parents that attendance is mandatory in these programs once children sign up.