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BISD board approves employment of district staff

February 11, 2012

The employment of various administrative staff members in Borger ISD was approved by the district board Thursday evening.
The action was taken following a closed session. Among those getting their contracts renewed for the upcoming year were:
•Assistant principals – Michael Cano – Borger Middle School; Dede Conaway and Mandy Poer – Borger High School
•Business Manager – Faye Hooper
•Director of Athletics – Rusty Purser
•Director of HAC SSA – Patti Brown
•Director for Instruction and Federal Programs – DeLila Holder
•Executive Director of Personnel – Tony McCarthy
•Director of Technology – Dewey De Loe
•Instructional Services Coordinator – Barbie Schroeder
•Principals – Amy Blansett – Paul Belton Early Childhood Center; Ken Rosser – Gateway Elementary; Jayson Hataway – Crockett Elementary; Randy Hatfield – Borger Intermediate School; Matt Ammerman – Borger Middle School
The board also received three resignations from David Tyson, Michael Littlejohn, and Kim Spearman. Tyson has been the principal at BHS for the past year, Littlejohn was former volleyball coach for BHS, and Spearman was a teacher at BHS.
In other business, the board also took care of matters pertaining to the upcoming school board election. An order of election was passed, along with a joint election order that approves BISD to combine its election with those of the City of Borger, Frank Phillips College, and the Hutchinson County Hospital District. A resolution was also passed to certify the election to be held on May 12, 2012.
Those up for election on this year’s board are Todd Harris, Elaine Feese, and Bill Myers. There are two three-year terms available, along the completion of one year on a three-year term.
The deadline for filing an application for a place on the ballot and for write-in candidates to file is Monday, March 5, at 5 p.m.
Under the board’s consent agenda, a $250 donation was approved from Jane Phillips Society to BHS for high school teachers to purchase classroom supplies. The board also approved the January 2012 payroll and disbursements, and minutes of its regular January meeting.
Board members attending the meeting were Robert Bradley, president; Harris, vice-president; David Brandon, secretary; Feese, Dr. Kent Gray, Les Sharp, and Myers.


bisd approves employment of district staff

February 25, 2012 by doesitmatter (not verified), 3 years 32 weeks ago
Comment: 971

I would like to comment of the three resignations.... Well i see there is one missing .... hum i wonder why? His name is Joe Taylor for one thing ...and i hope this makes a few people uncomfortable. And i hope some people ask why as well.Let's just say this former BMS teacher was done like crap and was acused of something that was so beyond ridiculas it wasn't even funny ....and was cleared of any wrong doing....and still he wasn't reinstated when he was cleared and he gave his resignation...but they want you to think he was so called let go, he was an aid for the special ed class if you want to know. But still the BISD treated this man wrongfully and is not right... and the acuser still has their job and walks around like they done nothing wrong and they also told two different stories to the bms school and as well as the cps officer... well what does that say about them ...LIER ! So in my oppinion there should be more resignations over this ! The BISD is a bunch of idiots and tried to cover this up as nothing happened.. Well hope this stirs a few i just think it is time it came out!And alot of people knew about this and were affraid to say anything because the might lose their jobs over this!


February 15, 2012 by Makes you wonder (not verified), 3 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 967

You should ask why everyone is leaving....why is moral is so low....why after not a year on campus the HS Principal is leaving..why the Assistant Principals have so much pull??.If you have students in BISD you should meet with the Welch(Supt) and see what is going on....(he won't meet with you..but you should call and voice yourself....attend School Board meetings and see what is going on....thinking of Block Scheduling in the Fall for HS....4 class on Monday Wednesday 90 minutes each....4 on Tuesday Thursday...all classes meet on Friday.....Voices should be heard....your town....your school....your employees!

What questions should we be

February 14, 2012 by Just the facts (not verified), 3 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 965

What questions should we be asking? Do you know something that we don't?


February 13, 2012 by Makes you wonder (not verified), 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 964

Does it make anyone else wonder why BISD ( namely BHS) has lost 5 educators already this in they are gone from the school....along with a School Board member who has left and now the High School Prinicpal is leaving after only being here since July???? If you have an interest in the need to step up and start asking questions now..........!

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