BHS holds academic awards banquet

The top 10s for each of the classes at Borger High School received special honors during the school’s academic awards banquet held Monday evening at First United Methodist Church. Top left, Freshmen: Andrew Rendon, Brady Sharp, Julianne Bivens, Taylor Hickman, Tiffany Davis, Devin Hudson, Samantha Huckabee, Julia Jack, Moriah Holmes, and Jasmine Gonzales; Top right, Sophomores: Benjamin Sharp, Miranda Piedra, Austin Holloway, Payden Dompe, Kaleen Dean, Emma Wood, Soozee Kim, Meagan Anderson, Porter Dixon, and Blaine Hill; Bottom left, Juniors: Abigail Madden, Rachel Thompson, Kayla Castleberry, Austin Keeton, Caitlyn Harned, William Conner, Garth Payton, Keshia Parker, Madison Vidrine, and Carla Rodriguez (not pictured); Bottom right, Seniors: Madison Argo, Joshua Madden, Austin Tyson, Oliver Holmes, Billy Brittain, Jordan Harmon, Hunter Hertel, Bethany Johnstone, David Lakey, Charles Conner, and Haley Calder. PHOTOS BY DON RICE