BFD doing fire hydrant inspections

The Borger Fire Department will be doing fire hydrant inspections next month.Jerry Langwell, Fire Marshal for the Borger Fire Department, said the department will be conducting fire hydrant inspections throughout the entire city during the month of April.“In doing this, it may cause some citizens to see some changes in your water that comes from your faucet,” he said.When the department inspects hydrants, it operates the hydrant for a couple of seconds to assure the hydrant is working properly and to make sure the hydrant is free from any material that will harm its trucks.“When flowing the hydrants, this sometimes causes sediment to move around in the water lines,” Langwell said. “So when you turn on your faucet and see a discoloration in your water, don’t worry, just let the faucet run for several seconds and the color should change to normal.”He said the hydrant checks are important for the city to ensure that when firefighters are called to a fire they will have sufficient water supply to protect the citizens of Borger.Citizens with questions are free to call the Borger Fire Department at 273-0948.