Balloon incident addressed before Borger ISD board

A water balloon fight at Borger High School the week prior to spring break took an ugly turn for one BHS student.Roper Cox addressed the Borger ISD school board at its recent meeting on her son’s behalf. During the water balloon fight, her son was hit with a balloon filled with urine.She said she wanted to know what the school district was going to do, and would rather see the district handle it than taking it to the police. Cox said she called the high school and was told the principal, David Tyson, would call her back before noon, but her call was not returned. She went up to the school to speak with the principal and was told once she arrived that he would call her back before school was out, but once again her call was not returned.She made a visit to the school administration building to address her concerns.Officials at the school administration building told Cox that the principal would call her back. The principal told her at first that he was not aware of what had taken place, but later admitted he knew what had happened.“He said he had done no reporting of the urine-filled balloons, just the water balloons,” Cox said.She said her son has an autoimmune disease, and the last thing he needs is to have other people’s bodily fluids thrown on him, calling the incident “disgusting”.Cox said she was told by the principal that a Crimestoppers report would be issued pertaining to the incident, but she said this made no sense to her if reports had not been filed. “I was wanting to know if the school was going to handle it, how it was going to be handled, and if there was going to be anything done other than the basic slap on the hand,” she said.She wanted to know what was going to be done, or if she needed to take more decisive action. She said she felt the incident had been handled too nonchalantly, and the principal had appeared too busy to call her back.“I want to know how it’s going to be handled with the fact of them throwing bodily fluids on the students, because it’s a crime,” Cox said.Board president Robert Bradley assured her the district would handle the incident, and it would not be swept under the rug.BISD superintendent Chance Welch said an investigation of the situation is being conducted, and if necessary, appropriate action will be taken.“We have already taken steps to prevent a similar situation during school hours,” he said.