Assistance sought in copper wire thefts

The Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office and Crime Stoppers are seeking assistance in reference to a large theft of copper wire in the northern region of Hutchinson County.According to Lt. Anthony Griffin of the Borger Police Department, on two different occasions, one near the end of October 2011 and one near the end of January 2012, unknown person(s) have taken approximately 340 feet of copper wire, valued at approximately $4,500, not to include damages.The suspect(s) have taken the copper wire off of agricultural irrigation systems, which destroys the irrigation system itself. Anyone with information in reference to these thefts is asked and encouraged to contact the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office at (806) 273-0115 or the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (806) 274-6371.Lt. Griffin said that any and all person calling in with a tip or information to Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous. However, anyone wishing to receive an award in reference to the tip or information is asked and encouraged to leave a working reliable telephone number so that a Crime Stoppers representative can contact the person at a later date and time in reference to reward information in the event that the tip or information proves to be reliable or relevant.Crime Stoppers offers rewards ranging from $50 up to $1,000 for reliable or relevant tips or information in reference to any unsolved investigation or crime, any type of criminal activity, and/or outstanding fugitives from justice.Lt. Griffin said it should also be noted that the victim in reference to these thefts may be offering an individual award of their own for information that leads to solving these thefts.