All HAIL the mighty spring weather

Borger residents heard an unfamiliar sound on their windows and roofs last night – the sound of rain and hail. According to Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards, the storm came from Dumas and landed right in the middle of Borger – bringing 27 inches of hail and 18 inches of rain. “Borger was lucky to receive marble size hail. Down by the Canadian Bridge and River, there were reports of half-dollar size and tennis ball size hail and Dumas had baseball size hail,” said Richards.Although this storm only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, it caused some hail damage and flooding damage to homes and vehicles along 7th and Austin St. It also forced city officials to close North Cedar Street for almost 10 minutes, due to the 18 inches of water flowing down it.“Thankfully there was no tornadic activity reported. Since last year, our weather patterns have changed and we are getting all the weather we missed out on last year. However, this is more typical weather for this season,” said Richards.Last year officials never went out on weather watches and the summer became one of our most dry seasons of the year, causing wildfires to spread more rapidly. This year Borger residents may not have to worry about wildfires and instead may need to become more observant of flooding and hail damage to their property.