Adams seeking election to Borger City Council

William “Willy” Adams is seeking election to Borger City Council, Place One.Adams was born in Marion, Miss., and has been a resident of Texas for the past 62 years, with the exception of seven years in which he lived in Oklahoma and New Mexico.His parents moved to West Texas when he was quite young and settled in Slaton, a small farming community southeast of Lubbock some 15 miles. It was there that Adams graduated from high school in 1957 and met and married his wife of 54 years, Pauline.The couple has three children, two boys and a girl, and seven grandchildren that he says are scattered from Del Rio to Washington State and Oklahoma City.Adams and his wife moved to Borger 16 years ago to be the pastors of Eternal Light Church, where he continues to serve as a pastor.“I am a born-again Christian and a registered Republican. I consider myself a conservative with pro-life views and believe that marriage is a God-instituted union between one man and one woman,” he said. “It is my deepest conviction that our nation must return to the godly foundation upon which our founding fathers set. I believe that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States (along with subsequent laws) are the governing laws by which we are to be governed.”Adams is the organizer and MC of four Tea Party events in Borger. Two were on the parking lot of O’Reilly Auto Parts, one at Huber Park, and one at the high school auditorium. He said he believes his age and experience are key factors to serving the residents of Borger with maturity and stability.During his tenure of ministry that has covered nearly 50 years, he has served on boards, everything from local church boards to conference boards and the International Board of Publications for his denomination.“I have served with people of great influence and those who were just getting started,” Adams said. “I believe those experiences will be of great asset to me while sitting on the city council of Borger.”He said he does not have a personal agenda if elected. However, he would like to see Borger become a safer and more prosperous place to live.“I would like to see new businesses come to our town,” Adams said. “I would also like to see us develop more things that would bring more tourism into Borger.”He said he has a deep concern for the safety of the residents of Borger. “We are seeing a rise in criminal activities where the residences of individuals are being broken into, even some individuals are experiencing intruders while they are home,” he said. “These are very serious and can be life-threatening. This concerns me! We are all vulnerable. My wife and I are older citizens and along with many others are very vulnerable.”Adams said the security and safety of the residents of Borger will be a high priority with him if he is elected to city council. He said he believes tougher stands need to be taken against the drug trafficking that is happening in Borger, and he would also like to see the city turn the tide of illegals that are entering the state and the area.“I would like to see Borger developing ways and means that would attract new businesses into our area,” he said. “I would like to see us develop more things that would be suitable for the youth of our community.”Early voting in the Borger City Council election will be held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. May 7 and 8 at Borger City Hall. The general election is set for May 12, 2012.